Sunday, April 1, 2007

WHEW!!!!! hehehehe

geepers=--almost forgot what real work was....I spent quite a bit of time at the quilt shop this past is a very very long story, so will spare the was real work---till yesterday....
THE MS WALK--I picked up Lizzie and the kids at 7:00 am--the infant decided to be hungry so we took care of that and still got to the walk in time for registration--we walked the 3 miles, and got a free pass to the zoo, so walked around the zoo---then went to eat lunch---then off to the quilt shop to work for 5 1/2 hours and boy howdy--was it ever busy!!!!!! I forgot all about the quilt show in Green Valley, but working in the shop I got my own personal show and tell!!!!!

Friday, I received a contract order, so crazy quilting is on hold till I get this project completed. it is the first of several stages, and it's deadline is the 15th of April, so I must complete asap---if I am not around, you can read here and know what is going on!

had several days of chilly temps but today is right back up there--it is already 81 degrees--@ 11:00 am!! *~*Carole*~*

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Susan said...

Hey, you're supposed to be retired. =)

That was a lot of walking. You losing any weight with all this walking? I had one good week of walking, and then the rain came, followed by horrendous humidity, so that went by the wayside. I could have walked today, but I was sewing and now I don't want to. =)