Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Here is the first section to be completed~! OH, I like! Labor intensive for me but if I take small steps--I get it done and better! I hope to get 3 blocks added tomorrow.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

our local quilt guild's show

mine is the large yellow Dresden Plate with yellow background

I probably wont chatter a lot--the pics speak for themselves..I was able
to sneak away from the shop and took pics of all that I could...
this post is the quilts that were entered into the Something Old is
New Again challenge..
I will begin posting other pics in separate posts..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AGAIN--too busy for words

BIG sale at quilt shop starts tomorrow and lasts through Monday--then BIG
sale for B'day PJ party on the 28th...there is a quilt show this weekend
and Last night I cut out all the pieces for the sashings in the STAR B.O.M.
I am making with Judy L....sorry --no pics yet, but I am excited to get
going on this--so many little pieces!!! no problem there--gotta do it while
I have the giddy-up! LOL thanks for stopping by...more soon

Friday, March 13, 2009

The final BLOCK-Judy's Star B.O.M.

I have been so busy at the quilt shop that I had to
take some me time and I completed this block last
night. This took a little more time than the others,
and it went together nicely! THANKS JUDY!!
In just a couple days, the fun continues! I am
delighted I have stuck with this! Those that
know me well know I never work on one project
at a time and wonder if I ever complete anything!
I can tell you that I promised myself to see this
to the end! I need to see this completed--the blocks are simply wonderful!
Nothing wrong with a different kind of challenge! These are pics of all the blocks.

This is the next
block of the Thimbleberries B.O.M. club 2009.
another B.O.M. I intend to see to the end!

That is it for now! byeee