Friday, April 27, 2007

Jacket done--couple days ago

here is my jacket!! all done!!! I would have taken pics sooner, with me in it, but it is simply tooo hot to put it on!
so i thought the feeder stand was ideal and I went out and snapped a few!

the flower bed behind is really growing and looking terrific! they are 85% wild, but the colors cant be beat!
this pic is of the yard from the side where the box is :o)) who says you cant have green out here?of course, it costs money but what the heck! we need green :O))

I am going to quilt guild meeting to have fun--musical 3" squares!


JK said...

Hey hon, this is really beautiful! Great job darlin!

Franie said...

WOW love the jacket--I might have to make one of those one year. I love the colors together! Great job but everything you touch turns out great! You do beautiful work.