Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 2007 is gone, already!!!

it is odd that this month went by so fast--in fact, since we have moved back to the Tucson area, time has been moving along faster! How do you slow that down???

This is a most recent picture of Laci--she was groomed today and is pooped and went right to sleep. I dont have the heart to wake her for a new picture!!! She is our little girl!!! and we do spoil her and she doesnt mind :)!!!

Yesterday was great..John and I went for a 4.4 mile walk--we stay long the main drive that leads into the development, walk to the main crossroad, and retrace our steps back to the house...I have done this in 1 hr 20 minutes by myself, but John helped drag that out yesterday..He swears his knee wasnt bothering him --I think he just wanted to walk in the drilling rain! ((~.~)) I must admit that I didnt mind--it was a warm rain and made the day that much nicer..we dont get much around here so it is much welcome when it does get here!!! We werent in the door 10 minutes and the phone rings.. --- The woman that owns the nearest quilt shop asked me if I was ready to be initiated?!?!!? shoot yea!!! ya dont have to aks me twice! LOL--I was over there at 11:00 am and worked till 5 pm..and I was left alone in the shop for 45 minutes!!! HELLO?!?!?!? hehehehehe but I had no reason whatsoever to be concerned--two women that came in knew it was lunch time and were willing to wait, and pay! hehehe I got to help them play with colors!!!I learned a bit and that was so much fun!!! I would go help out again in a heartbeat!!

I dont know about the rest of you, but my brain wanders all the time especially so when I am crafting anything!! More so when I am crocheting and now with quilting. Some day, I would love to have a pattern published, not for a bunch of money or to get rich quick (hahaha), simply because it has been a lifetime of dreaming for me!!! I have been crocheting since I was 6 or 7 and you would think I was born with a hook in hand...(almost 54 years ago) . I have lots of ideas and designs written down and some things I have made often enough, that they are not written down yet! I have taught crochet, and I have tested designs for others and have found my *niche* if you will, in life..I could do this all the time--but where does that put/leave my brain??? I try to inspire others as well, knowing full well, just how contagious it can be, too! hehehehe
NOW, I am finding that helping in the quilt shop to be the same...alomst wants me to take everything out of the closet and make *kits* to someday complete, all while doing the *playing with colors* thingie! hehehe

I am a traditional kinda gal, wishing I was more a girlie girl rather than more of a tomboy! but you know, I love the colors more suitable for the tomboy side of me and John does too!! I am not into filly things and what goes with that like pinks! I love the traditional quilt patterns as well. So I say, give me earth tones any day. I am kinda eclectic, I love the country and outdoors, and casual decor, with a splash of Victorian from time to time...and that is the kind of quilting that I do. all wrapped up together!!! I wont ever be as good at quilting as I am at crochet, but I can certainly have an awful lot of fun doing both!!!

I am curious to see what February has in store for me!!! see you then!!! WIPPY

Saturday, January 27, 2007


John and I walked for approximate 3 1/2 miles--most of the time we stick to where we have already been these days--his knee is still healing and he needs to not overdo..after we got back, it was relax for him and I baked bear claws, for the first time, and of course, they were a big hit, they are all gone! LOL..a week or so ago, I cut my finger, well, not cut, took out a chunk, but it is healing nicely and will provide me a nice indentation, permanently! hehehe....I have learned to be much more careful around that thing! (rotary cutter)

Yesterday was a great sewing day for me. I began my sewing for the THIMBLEBERRIES QUILT CLUB 2007, that I am enjoying immensely! So much to learn and lovely fabrics...I also completed the free project I had received as a member (you can see this in the pictures above). I enjoyed making the notebook cover. I used RJR Thimbleberries fabrics from collections of past years as I have decided that this will keep all my THIMBLEBERRIES items together. I wasnt ready to use the fabrics I have already accumulated for the club's projects!!

Today, my grand daughter is 11 years my! I cant say what I bought her, as she might read about it hear--she is gonna like it, I am sure...we have a party later on to go to for her and dinner after that and the rest of the day will be spent doing as I please!!! I hope you day is wonderful and that you are happy---***~~~WIPPY~~~***

Thursday, January 25, 2007

DAY number 2!!

OK, so today I have created my profile-this is all so new I think it will be fun to play here each day.
looking forward to what the day brings--it is warming up but too windy to enjoy walking--so--I have already done my miles on our stationary bike and the rest of the days looks to be a productive crafty day. so----that is it for now--I aint speechless, just wanna go play with crochet and quilting....toodles

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

new to me! yippee

well, I have finally decided to take the plunge and create my very own blog, so i dont have to type everything so many times when I have something I wanna share....oh boy, this should be fun to play around with and new stuff to learn as will find me playing here if I dont send you personal emails any more. LOL tomorrow i begin to play!! Wippy Sullivan