Friday, July 27, 2007


here it is! charity sew day! OH BOY!! i get to sew and play all day and a break for lunch with the members of the guild! will take pictures and have as lot of fun for sure!

I am almost done with a doily that I am testing and using to conduct a crochet a long.

my two favorite passions.

more soon!! *~*CAROLE*~*

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

STORM of 7-23-07

THIS ONE WAS A DOOZIE and I got stuck in town because the roads were impassable. John says we received an 1 1/2 in 40 minutes---and was like a hurricane....I wish I had been home--I would have much rather been there than having to sit it out in the quilt shop! wait a minute--what am i thinking! hehehehee in all seriousness--I sat it out in the quilt shop!!! LOL--over two hours!!! he are pictures...NOW--i gotta go--we are about to have a storm!!!
I love being at home when the storms come in.. *~*CAROLE*~*

Friday, July 20, 2007


this is the storm coming in over the mountains--notice shadows?? yep--the sun was still shining brightly. It looked really eerie outside. These were taken about 5:30 pm or so. I was mesmerized by the dark and the threatening look the clouds presented...anyhoo--It really was this dark, folks!!! Nothing like anything I had ever seen as for storms--not even hurricanes...

In this picture--you can see the just how threatening things became as the storm moved closer....

I tried to get pictures from different angles--moving from the front yard to the back--the clouds lightened up a bit as the storm approached.
Time elapsed in these was about 10 to 20 minutes

Now you see a closer view as the rains moved in....

the last three were right before--starting with sprinkles and a torrential downpour that left us with only half an inch and much cooler temperatures in maybe 10 minutes. Parts of Tucson, beginning about 20 miles away were hit pretty badly and some areas received up to 1 1/2 inches--some of Benson about 40 miles away received up to 2 1/2 inches as you can see in the clouds at the top! My sister in law received a lot of rain, high winds, and hail with neighbors sustaining damages. To me--the season has officially begun! ;o)) Awoke this morning to a wonderful walk with temp at 69 degrees and 72% humidity! hehehehe
(yuck) hehehe Today promises more rains! I sure hope so! *~*CAROLE*~*

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Charity Sewing

In our Quilt guild, I am the spokesperson and we are haivng a big sew day on the 27th....I have been going through all the fabrics that were donated before i took over and I cant seem to stop playing. I was already reprimanded to let others do some playing so I have had to back off but not before finishing these 3 tops just this past Monday! hehehehehe I have also been doing a lot of cutting and getting ready!

Thnak goodness, I received two round robin cq blocks in the mail or i might just still be putting tops together! *~*CAROLE*~*

Progress in the Quilt Club

as each month passes, I enjoy the Thimbleberries quilt club even more--this month's block was most difficult for this relatively new person to sane quilting (meaning, other than crazy quilting) and to my disbelief, I love this one the best, so far. I have yet to complete entire blocks, meaning the tulips were to be sewn in groups of four but I am not certain I will be doing it the way it is stated. I like to change things around, as in crocheting, where I always change something I dont like about a pattern. In the blue and gold block, I changed the setting on the camera colors but the second is closer to the color of the fabric than the first one. I took my time, made this in about 2 hours including cutting time and am really amazed that it came out so well. This block is 16 1/2 inches square!!! The Tulips, well, I had trouble with these
and the stems are pointing in the wrong directions according to the instructions. LOL--i dont care...One can see by this that my quilt will already be different than others' - hehehehe I did however, match the colors in the right manner, I simply goofed when the sewing came along!

This block, is not true to color either but I really like this one as well--this is about 14 inches square. This one was not as difficult as the others and I have already been asked by several in the club to help them with theirs! Tweo are really struggling with them. It is already favorite, second to the one up top!

This block is not one of my favorites, tho time consuming, it was relatively easy. It is 24 inches and I think is the biggest block for the quilt. This one will have window treatments for panes, and I may just do my own thing here as well. I think embellishments would look great in the window box, maybe curtains in the window---that will all come about later on...
and the hearts were the first block in the series. well, I was trying to figure out which pattern of fabric was which, then I dropped them on the floor and gave up so now--the colors are in the wrong places but the idea is correct--another block that wont look like others' quilts! LOL....this block really was a no-brainer, but goes to show you I can even mess that up!

Each time we show up for the club. each time we have sew and tell, complete our block, we are rewarded with a Thimbleberry buck. These are to be used at the end of the year, Christmas, and we can exchange those bucks for whatever we want to purchase from all the goodies that come out during the year, that we wouldnt necessarily get from the meetings themselves...Lynette Jensen has a line of Fall and Christmas fabrics already released and designs for projects with these. Also, each time we purchase Thimbleberry fabric at the quilt shop, we receive another of these I try to limit my fabric cuts to one each time I visit the shop. ;o) At the rate I am going, I will have lots of money to spend. ((~.~)) We also play block bingo, and have door prizes and eat! and I have made new friends---hehehehe I may have to do this again next year *~*CAROLE*~*

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


this is simply replies to comments! hehehe I will make the pillow top bigger when I am done embellishing--dont ask when that may be! once i get going with crazy quilting, i cannot seem to stop! I might just add a broder and embellish that and or maybe ruffle, not sure yet-- the pillow top is actually for the living room--I have thimbleberries fabrics in there already--I just noticed that it sorta does match the quilt underneath it! That escaped me till now....the fabrics are from Walmart and JoAnn's and that is my very first completed quilt---the fabric in the pillow top are thimbleberries--I fell in love with these and now participate in the 2007 is much fun! Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments--*~*CAROLE*~*

Sunday, July 8, 2007


here is another project that I started a couple days ago. it is 14 inches square for an 18 inch Pillow TB fabric to match the decor in the living room :o) this I expect to be a fairly long term project
I am also in the process of making a zippered pouch to match the tote I completed the other day...this is what happens when it is too hot to go out! *~*CAROLE*~*

Saturday, July 7, 2007


well, wouldnt you know it--I forgot two pics---Folks have been asking to see the motifs I cannnot seem to stop making!
one picture came out dark and the other came out lighter than the colors really are--so here is one of each...this is so easy to do---you can basically take any yarn design and use thread and small hook instead and wallaaaaaaaaa!!! little embellishments! there is ric-rac, megaphone, flowers, butterfly, stems and leaves, etc,etc.... not sure of course, when and where I willl use them, but I like to be prepared and having fun in the process. and because i blew this one too, here is a pic of Mommie and Daddy, Joseph, and Uncle Adam and Aunt Vera

Mommy and Daddy are in the front.. Pretty soon, we will add Aunt Ilea to that mix :o)))
And Uncle Johnny and Aunt Lizzie (my two) anyhoo--that's all folks :o)) *~*CAROLE*~*


These are items I completed the past two days. MY NEEDLEBOOK is complete. hehehehe It is a cq- item my second completed cq- project! I saw one at another get-together and I made mine from what i remembered the other one to look like , except that I added the tiny pocket in the left inside is entirely hand-pieced and embellished.

Now, I can be somewhat organized when I take cq-ing on a camping trip. ...

This is my camping shirt for the chilly nights---hehehehehe--we expect a few of those when we go to the White Mountains of Ariz in August...

One of the projects in the TB quilt club was a *duffle bag/gift bag thingie--while I was reorganizing in preparation for step daughter to move in, I found some bag handles and I decided that the bag needed handles.
I am going to make a matching accessory case :o)))) this took me all of about and hour to make, till I got to decided how and where to do the pocket

I have two more sets of handles, so guess what I will be doing? hehehehehehehe I am delighted with the was this turned out!!!!
I dont think I will get anything else posted today---we are due thunderstorms---- rain would be nice of course, but i dont like getting bumped off the computer for lightening!! it may as well rain!!!! nothing worse than dry thunderstorms this time of year

well, signing off the blog for now-- *~*CAROLE*~*

July 4th

Pics from the 4th--I forgot they werent downloaded from the camera------I dont know why this one pic came out so dark--you can see better in the phot right below here.

We had 22 people for lunch/ a treat, it was all cold food. I didnt have the heart to make the guys stand outside in 111 degree heat! to cook. We had croissant sandwiches, salads, fruits, etc,etc and everyone got to play with all the babies and our grandkids. *~*CAROLE*~*


These were taken up to two weeks ago--tomorrow we are going over and will have more up to date pictures...besides, Nana has goodies to take to him! He has reached his birth weight and then some--he is just a bit over 6 lbs and doing really well. He is the apple of mom and dad's eyes! Mom gets lots of help from Joseph's two older siblings! more soon *~*CAROLE*~*