Friday, May 30, 2008


Here is the Thimbleberries big quilt blocks so far this year! If I could, I would have this done already! LOL...I am in the process of quilting the wall hanging and making the table runner using all the same fabrics featured this year in the club...the two blocks in the center are 24 inches square. that gives you an idea of the size so far!
back to sewing ((~.~))

THIMBLEBERRIES catch up and Girls

here are the girls --they were groomed on Wednesday. they are all rough and tumbled from being outside. They weigh 8 lbs each. Missy is the closest, 100% Maltese and is one year--Laci is just over 3 years and probably 90% Maltese...she has poodle's legs and tail..LOL

The Thimbleberries block is a combination of April's work (the lattice part) and May's is the bear's paw...tiny pieces...sheesh....I think I would rather be working on my Dear Jane blocks for the small pieces! One block is for the big quilt to be completed as the months pass, the other is for the quarterly project and will be a runner soon as I can get my hands on the next fabric to be released for the club. I am almost done quilting the wall hanging and getting that bound and up! I am in the process of binding a quilt that was recently quilting after waiting about 7 months in my PTF (project to finish) pile! hehehehehe I better get back to it or I my get side-tracked again. more soon

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amer Hero tops update

here is an update of the top I was working today while the girls are getting groomed! :o)
the girls will certainly be cooler when all is done pics soon


these blocks were made by Robin
this is a piece of fabric that can be used as is for a top-donated to me
these blocks were made by Robin
as were these blocks!
I am assembling scraps and blocks from Robin and using scraps from my stash as well, this is just the center--I hope to complete this today.. not sure what I will do for the rest, will just wait and see what unfolds.

I am also crocheting my second doily and am to round 37 and tweaking my recent design with the help of a a friend who has already completed testing my design...I could see the smoke from her hook all the way down here--she lives in Oregon! LOL--pictures soon--my second one is in a country rose color and you can see partial several posts below. Gonna be a scorcher today so I may not even venture outside except to water the gardens that are not on auto-drip. I also will be playing with the Thimbleberries club stuff cleaning..I dont have time for that today! LOL

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have been busy inside and outside but, it has been incredibly windy and all the high mountain peaks around have snow on them--hehehe--some as much as 6 inches! who would have thought, this isnt typical at all..

I am assembling tops for American Hero quilts (you can learn more here, and I have been playing with the doily and doing my usual amount of sewing.

we are even trying a garden this year--not much but will see what happens..yesterday we had a high of 68 degrees :o) today it is supposed to be 84...and guess what? it is windy! oh well--gonna go sew more.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

DOILY, daiquiris, and Drag racing

just hanging out--drinking strawberry daiquiris, and watching drag racing on the tv. here is a picture of the second doily. of course, and as usual, and is way ahead of me, she is an internet friend of a good many years and we are tweaking the pattern and fixing what needs to be fixed...

IT IS HOT! I havent ventured outside since about 9 am...time to be hibernating....tomorrow i go to finish a quilt and do some sewing...and work on Thimbleberries club stuff :o) *~*CAROLE*~*

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

what did I do?

I dug out a project I bought back in 1984 or 83, just know that I was living in Athens Greece at the time and I dont remember-I just thought I would put it out where I could see it and MAYBE just maybe I would begin working on it again--it is about 25% complete, not sure if you can see that in the picture...I loved it when I bought it, still love it--might take me another 20 to finish, but I certainly hope needs to be on my wall! A friend on an email list said even if I work on it 15 minutes a day that is progress...that amount of time will not be good but I think better would be to just have it out where I can see it. That way, when I dont wish to work on anything else I have going on, this will be where I can hear it calling out to me!

we are having weird weather...last year at this time the temps were in the 100', rather right now, it is only 74 degrees...yesterday's shower brought us .25 inches of rain! YES!!!!! and chilly enough this am to dig out sweat pants for my walk--what a welcome change! off to play.....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

AND here it is in all it's glory :o)

and ready to go away for a few months!

it is done --yes--now to another project!


I DID IT!!! the doily I began on December 8, 2007 is now done as of last night! It is being blocked right now, tho I am certain it will be dry in about a half an hour (outside) and I can get a real picture. This is all you get to see right now! There is a reason that you cant see it in all it's glory (yet) . This is my very first doily design, and will be entered into a contest. I tweaked it to 20 inches :o) . WHEW I am glad it is finished! hehehehe It is going in the mail on Monday and will be back to me in July or August. wish me luck! :o))

I have been working on my log cabin, and have been working on this top for a charity quilt. They were not kidding when they said not two people make the same size block! Actually, mine are--LOL and another's was right on the money as well, but you can see where I had to fudge the strips and I managed to square it up from corner to corner and the sides and believe it or not--it is good! hehehe
there are two pics because I couldnt get the color right...the background is all Thimbleberries creams with various shades/colors in there. The two Tudor roses I made..the block was a paper pieced block but I assembled it using the tradition method and the measurements were not correct and I wound up with rectangles in the middle but those blocks squared up to 12 1/2 so I dont care! LOL..4 blocks out of the 15 measured to 12 1/2. so--I just assembled -trimmed where necessary and now it is ready for outer borders. These were a project from November! yeah, I know--I am catching up tho! hehehe I have other projects I am anxious to get stared on!

John has been busy in the back yard, making a greenhouse. So far, we have tomatoes, corn, swiss chard, carrots, onions, and 7 spices. He will be off from work in June and July. OH NO! hehehe.

Happy Mother's Day !!