Friday, March 23, 2007


The runner is complete--as are the place mats. I used Thimbleberries fabrics from 2007 line
the quilt and any items I make throughout the year will be added as well

pics are taken from several different angles because of the lighting and i couldnt decide which one showed the best.....
I helped at the quilt shop today and will again for a bit tomorrow--I learn something new everyday and I yearn for different fabrics each time I go in there, too--not sure if that is good or bad! but it is fun....especially looking at others' WIPS!!!! *~*CAROLE*~*

Thursday, March 22, 2007

time to catch up!

Pictures of sunrise on the 21st of March. Today, it is mostly cloudy and we have had very little rain--smells nice and looks promising, but will see what tomorrow and Saturday bring.

I will not be around much on Friday--helping out at the quilt shop and going to guild meeting!

I broke down yesterday after being sent home from Jury duty (that I had hoped I would be chosen for) and stopped by the SAS store to buy some goodies for Crazy Quilting. I added these items to items I had begun collecting and things I already have here. I am itching to go and play--and if you are a CQ'ER, then you know what I mean :o)) this is new to me but what the heck--it is to play with :o))

this is of my fabrics--I found some lovely -I guess it is taffeta(?) and I had received some lovely samples of fabrics that are marked as selling for 138.00 per yard, etc,etc....YIKES!!!! hehehehehe I am not even sure what the the others are but I have some lacy stuff and all sorts of other scraps I wouldnt normally play with.

I love the green with the butterflies and dragonflies :o)) Also, I purchased some silks with pictures printed on them--they have yet to arrive and will be a nice feature to my quilt.

these two pictures are of the embellishments I may be just depends. I guess that will come along as I begin to put things together. the plain, colored, rick-rack is for other projects and i dont think they would be appropriate for what I have in mind. There are laces, motifs, florals, and buttons and other doo-dads!

I put the laces on the red bag so you might be able to see the design. Now, I think I am on a quest to seek more items to play with--I dont intend to finish this quickly, but maybe i will post a block as i complete them...

Next weekend is a quilt show for that weekend. I enjoy going to these--tho I am not sure at what capacity this time--to help or to play or to do whatever--hopefully I will get to take pictures...I learned that lesson very quickly :o))

this last picture is a comfort afghan i just completed--I will be mailing that out next week.

OK--will turn you loose now! hehehehe--so much easier to catch up this way--toodles *~*CAROLE*~*

Saturday, March 17, 2007


OH NO!!! HOT!!! HEAT---uncomfortable!! THE BUG is camping--and we bought a travel trailer (pop-up)--this will help to alleviate the heat problem!!! HOPEfully we can begin camping soon...

St Pat's day was terrific with family and friends and I am pooped...

I am about to complete a comfort afghan--all that is left is the outside border. The colors are terrific and it is edged in hunter green--still great for those chilly Spring nights!!!

I went to the quilt shop this am and helped out with the quilt shop's pajama party!! NOW, that was fun!!! ladies parading around in their jammies with their stuffed teddy bears, and there was goodies to eat and the first 30 received a free thimbleberries pattern..I got one of those and of course, some TB fabric so I could get my buck and because I helped out--got an extra buck to cash in at the end of the year :o) AND I had the opportinuty to meet a gal also in the guild, that loves Thimbleberries and believe it or not, she was MUCH more into it than me and has been since it came out...she doesnt remember when, but it didnt matter to me! :o) We will meet again on Monday morning and chat.. :o)) and maybe again on Tuesday if I still dont have jury duty :o))

Word is out, also, that another gal and I will be the guild coordinators for the charity aspects of the guild. I will know more about all that at the next meeting in about 2 weeks.

we have more flowers and the trees and vegetation about the desert is beginning to come out--I have not yet decided if this is good or bad---it depends on the allergy thing--so far, it is not affecting me so the growth and colors are terrific!...gonna run for now *~*CAROLE*~*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I dont think they are romantic anymore as I eliminated the hearts and most of the picots---my doily is 20 inches in diameter!! If you want to buy this--just holler! hehehehehehe

went for a short walk today--for some reason, I just didnt feel like it!

no jury duty--I have been postponed till next week! OH WELL!!!!

spent the better part of the past two days watching Roots.
amazing!!! and sad!!--gonna go play--ttfn *~*CAROLE*~*

Monday, March 12, 2007

~~~**~~~ PRETTY ~~~**~~~

this is MY flower bed--isnt it amazing what warm and nourishment from me will do to things? hehehehehe


just back from my walk! OMG--why I didnt see the winds coming is beyond me! duh ----I didnt notice till I was making my way back--going out is downhill--coming back at a brisk clip INTO the wind is not nice..LOL--it is also uphill--I am thinking 2.25 miles uphill with an incline of up to 800 feet in that distance and WINDS!!!! I loved it--it was a great workout!!! Hubby had begun the laundry and is almost done--I am keeping him! hehehehehee---I am relaxing a bit and then I get to find out if I have jury duty tomorrow.. I dont mind , really--just that I am unsure what to take for busy the only thing I am reading right now is Hillary' Clinton's book...if I take crochet, are they gonna confiscate my hook?? (it is a thread project) do I start YET another crochet project so I can take a bone hook?? or, if you are a quilter, what would you take besides reading material?? I do have my cathedral windows project I havent touched in a couple months--teeheeeee...I would have to get some of that ready....what a whirl, what a whirl. LOLOL
If I dont have jury duty tomorrow, i get to pick up my paycheck from the quilt shop---and on Saturday, I get to go to the pajama party at 7 am and spend spend--hehehehee---and then later on to a St Pat day celebration at the SIL"S...tooooo bad the pool hasnt heated up yet!
anyhoo---outta here for now...wanna make some bear claws and play---no reason to dust today. *~*CAROLE~*~

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I got this comic this morning at the quilt club meeting and thought it was toooo funny--of course, to my crocheting friends, this could apply to a yarn shop :o))

only 3 showed up this morning--I got 3 thimbleberries bucks to shop with at the end of the year--we played bingo (as usual, always fun) and we actually had a decent show and tell :o))... One gal brought a thimbleberries quilt she completed in 2001 and I had only ever seen ONE of the fabrics in it! The rest were all new to me and she said they were at least 7 years and I may go surfing!

I have 12 squares assembled for the comfort afghan I am making and it looks terrific in all the Spring colors and samples and edged in Hunter green....the recipient will love the cheerfulness as well as the cyber hugs it will bring to her when she needs them! fixing dinner tonight for family so I am outta here for now....*~*CAROLE*~*

--OH--had to come in and edit :o) Of course I stopped by the favortie *watering hole* on the way home to nurture my stash addiction and I got lots of Thimbleberries on sale (not the 2007 line) for 3.99 per yard and then 30% off because they now consider me as an employee! wahhhhhoooooooo I bought what was left of two flat folds and some samples and fats of *stuff* to begin crazy quilting when I am done with the runner and the afghan...I also ran to wally world and bought a couple fancies for the blocks I am soon to make----outta here for now.....

Friday, March 9, 2007

rambling again

THIS is out Laci--all 7 pounds of her--she had a bath yesterday and now has a greenie in her mouth--aint she vicious looking? LOL we love her and spoil her and she is great fun to have around!

do we have elk? you bet--Lakeside Arizona is about 6900-7000 ft in elevation and Show Low is lower in elevation-there is an area that is up to 11,400 ft in elevation and they migrate all over that area..deer, too! and antelope! it is most wonderful to see them around..ya just dont wanna go hitting one...Yes, we are/were in a red flag warning...I dont know if that is still in affect, the winds are nothing compared to last week, still to warm to go out between 11 am and 5 pm. but that is ok. I am used to it and I still dont have t like it! :o)

we were going to go to Bisbee, but John is in early stages of sinus infection...and I aint going if'n he aint going--there is always next week (if i dont get jury duty) or the week if ya'll wanna chat and play---sok by me!!!! I will be on and off computer throughout the day! I will be binding my table runner to match the placemats @ my blog :o)

these are pics I took the other day--it looked much better and firey before i could get out there with the camera! We usually go hiking back along the rolling hills behind our place and Sunday, we are going way back in there along an old jeep trail...just to see where it leads...most of the time when I go for a walk, I stay within the development. This too, is a conservation area and trails all maintained and weave in and out of the desert areas...and we are not far away that we cant hike back into Sycamore canyon itself...We have seen one mule deer and lots of little ground squirrels along our walks--

now, i am going go get to sewing--I have that bug this morning!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


WOW--just back from a 4.5 mile walk!! we left @ 9;30--it was 67 degrees--now--just after 11;00 and it is 76 degrees....I think Spring has Sprung! LOL it is supposed to be 81 today and in the 80's for the next 9 was wonderful to hear all the birds chirping, to see the new growth on the vegetation and to be where the skies are clear! I think from here on out, when I walk, it will get to be earlier and earlier in the mornings--Laci will have to wait for me to cool down before she gets in her walk...toodles--Carole

Monday, March 5, 2007

OPERA and other things!

well, the OPERA--Beauty and the Beast!! What is with people that they cant leave their cell phones at home or turn them off? Anyway, it was terrific. I am not an Opera person, but this one kept me interested. Kinda cute, funny, dramatic, - little bit of everything. Even the stage hands were decked out! It was a tremendous great idea that they had what they were singing, in print above the stage :o)). The twins enjoyed themselves and really didnt tire till near the end, and were probably asleep before I left the parking lot! I didnt enjoy the drive after I dropped Lizzie and the boys off at home--Javelina (wild pigs) were running out from the brush in two places along the drive home (11 miles). good thing I didnt hit one...I had to tell Lizzie no more late nights!HEHEHE Last time I was out & about that late was for a quilt class and I almost hit an elk along the drive home from the school in Show Low...but--the elk must have known because he certainly got across the street faster than the pigs did!!!!

These are the placemats i have been working on. The pattern is an idea I got from Lynette Jensens' dot to dot quilt pattern. I am in the process of making a table runner as well..the fabrics I used were from the 2007 charms paks - house and garden-warm and cozy color-way!! The backs are geometric green. and what a neat thing--these match the curtains I made last Fall that are in the living room and kitchen. And while I am at it--everything I have of hers matches from year to year...and the colors, well, those that know me well, know I am hooked!!

I am also crocheting squares for an afghan--more details and pics later on...and I am making a doily--it is /was to be a good sized doily, but I dont like the hearts, there are a ton of popcorns, and from row 22 to row 32, I about did my own thing! I am beginning the final 6 or 7 rows tonight while watching tv...

it has been windy as all get out--so we are already in red flag warnings for fire danger...should have known, it is dry beyond words--so, I only managed a walk of about 1 1/2 miles today...I havent been able to walk in the winds--so here's hoping tomorrow the winds are gone.