Sunday, January 3, 2010

BACK TO NATURE QUILT IS DONE--well, the top is done!!

The past month or so I have been assembling a quilt top for the shop--~I~T ~ I~S ~ D~O~N~E! It is beautiful...Yea to the designers Toni Steere and Jenny Foltz. Yea to Timeless Treasures!! This is the most thought out B.O.M. I have ever done! no guessing and step by step instructions for everything! even alternative methods...I was forced to take my time and read everything and I still ripped out stitches but that is ok...hehehehe--you cant tell! There were many things to be learned working up this top! and flying geese--I cant tell you how many and there were even geese within geese! can you find them? hehehe
these are the blocks! 9 and 4 corners. I had two friends work one block each to see what they thought of the patterns. ---the rest I worked up. This is just SOME of the geese--Laci had to get in on the action! took me quite a while to make all these but the technique makes them easy and almost was me folks,! hehehe here are more geese! This was for an inner border....and of course, log cabin style for corners...

this next picture is the center assembled and the corners ready to be sewn this point I am liking this much more! I thought I was going to e done real soon-this was taken on Dec 30th --DONE wasnt going to happen till later on....

I was to the point below yesterday and I thought I was going to be done 4 days ago! Looking really good and John likes it too....Too bad it has to hang for display in the shop for the next year!
but that is ok--I will get to look at it often! Busy Season is here!!!

and now--TADA--the final border..I have never mitered corners but with the GALS' instructions, it was a breeze!!! I almost feel like a pro :o))
now --here is this baby in the living room on the floor.... cant really tell the size? look at it on our KING sized bed---- I might have to turn it the other way but that is ok--there isnt really a top or bottom per say, unless ya wanna tuck one end but it will look terrific when it gets back home. Tomorrow this baby goes to the quilter then I add the binding....tonight I begin cutting another project!