Tuesday, December 18, 2007

sing to LET IT SNOW!

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fabric is so delightful

I wish I'd no place to go

Let me sew ,let me sew, let me sew

My kitchen floor needs mopping

But I've bought some beads for topping

I've got to finish my UFO

Let me sew, let me sew, let me sew

When I finally sit at the seat

I'll forget all about my home

My family will want to eat

They'd better call for pizza on the phone

The stitches are finally flying

And the seams are flatly lying

If they really do love me so

They'll let me sew, let me sew, let me sew


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What a wondrous phenomenon! I took out the dumpsters to the curb and ran back in to get camera--we have fog rolling in at 8:45 in the am--imagine that--there is snow on the mountains around us and a brisk 36 outside...I love weather :o) thought I would share00*~*CAROLE*~*

Monday, December 10, 2007


well, here I am again--I let more time slip away. no more excuses.

Following are pics I took at our final Thimbleberreis meet of the year. Those that completed their tops are in here, and there are a couple that will participate next year. I am behind the top with the gal in blue holding it! ;o) I didnt follow all the directions perfectly, my tulips wound up opposite and i wasnt going to change it! I didnt do embroidery in windows--I am going to hang curtains! LOL and add another border or two...

The picture with the gal in blue behind the quilt completed hers as instructed and has a king sized quilt-The gal in the white jacket was the instructor

I got a real good look at next year's fabrics and decided that i will more than likely buy all of the lodge (dark) colorway

and some of the lakeside (light) colorway.

I completed the ripple afghan on Sunday night now I am designing a doily to enter into a contest next year..I am looking forward to this and will take a couple pics soon.

HEY--we are getting some weather--we had rains off and on all weekend and there are winter storms warnings around. We are due a fair amount of rains all day tomorrow. That makes me happy since we see little in the desert. I actually think that what we got put us over our annual rainfall amount of 12 inches :o)
That sure is not much in my book and of course the records do not show that. because they go by what is recorded at the weather service center at the airport. Dont get excited for us--we are still in our drought.This top is pin-basted and ready for quilting--I am going to practice a bit before I tackle it! I was tempted to hand-quilt it--but again-would love to see it finished in my lifetime! hehehe

that is enough for now--i am going to work up a couple rounds on the doily, then call it a night!
for now;


Saturday, December 1, 2007


I can hardly believe it is almost a month since I popped in here---first there was the shop hop--I worked 9 days straight and didnt hop-I think I had more fun helping people with their projects and selecting colors, etc,etc... Then we got Missy spayed, then I get to have sinus and ears infections that settled in chest----that kep me home for 2 weeks. Yesterday was charity sew day for the guild and we finished up a lot of quilts and took 146 stuffed animals and 83 quilts to the charity we selected a few months back.THAT was fun and it is behind us till next summer, so yippee! There is a Xmas party for the thimbleberries club next Saturday and we get to touch fabrics for next year's club--THIS I m really looking forward to! right after those meetings, there will be a little civil war/reduction class and about 7 of us are going to make quilts from that era. This should be lots of fun as well! Now that warm weather is here instead of HOT, I will enjoy spending time at home and hopefully more time outdoors....the past 3 days have been all BUT miserable--overcast, cloudy windy and rainy---i love it! sad thing--it is to clear out today--and leaving cooler temps--I can handle that. I can also handle the fact that John;s daughter left this am to go to Missouri to work on marriage...she was told she couldnt come back here, but go right to her mother's.. WHAT A RELIEF...we promised we would help in any situation, but we dont want to be taken for granted or taken advantage of.....so--with that said, because we do not know when she will begin or how she will begin to pay us back, John has landed a neat job as a construction assistant at a local high school-4-4 1/2 hrs per day and he is looking forward to it--he literally has nothing to do around here and finally admitted he was getting bored. well, duh---I aint gonna sit around here all day doing nothing, either---so I sew and go into town to play, etc,etc...and he gets to work on rebuilding our savings/play money!

I have been doing a lot of sewing for charity and we moved the small bedroom set into the small front bedroom and i have the second largest bedroom now as my sewing room--and today or tomorrow--John is moving the computer desk so I dont have to shut'er down at 8pm any more! and i can compute and sew in the same room! dont know if that is good or bad, but i do more at night after he goes to bed! I simply cannot go to bed at 8 pm each night--no way!

Finished a few things, and I need to take some pictures and work on my ripple afghan! I also want to design a doily, before i lose my thoughts and ideas! ya'll have a wonderful weekend-*~*CAROLE*~*