Saturday, April 14, 2007


WELL--here is my JACKET!!! boy--kinda like a trial and error with the pattern--the armhole was tooo big for the set in sleeves, so I had to alter that but it is done except for the binding! it is pinned and ready for blind-stitch!

the others are of a crocheted wrap with sleeves. A friend of mine made one and asked me to do her sleeves and I liked what I saw, so i ordered the yarn-yea--more yarn , but I am almost done, and using up all the yarn I bought for this..if I have enough, gonna make the *wrap* parts longer :o)) too short for my tastes!!

quilt club was wonderful today!!! we had show and tell and we celebrated 2 birthdays-mine and another--so extra bucks for that-I earned 5 today--hehehe--ran to quilt shop after and bought 3 yds of tb fabrics :o)). gonna have a lot of bucks to buy something really nice at the end of the year :o))) folks loved the jacket and that made me feel really good for my accomplishment! I practically designed it myself, just using the pattern for the size....

Lizzie has another baby --a beautiful boy!! He was born on Tuesday and his name begins with a *T*...My son is getting ready to go spend 12 days in Japan--his is seriously into the "animae" stuff (sp)--I should ask him to being me some fabric-eh?

going to fix dinner and head to a friend's for the evening to play dominoes--that sure is a fun game.... that's it for now *~*CAROLE*~*

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val said...

boy you sure look like me before I grew my hair straight :-)))