Tuesday, April 17, 2007

new morning

had to start out the day with pictures of my flower garden in the new m0rning. today we are going into town and then up to Mt Lemmon for the afternoon--this is where we began camping years ago and the area was virtually destroyed by a hiker/smoker's carelessly tossed cigarette, about 3 years ago..actually, the campgrounds are down the mtn from the destroyed area but one end of it was wiped out--thank goodness there are still some shaded areas to run to from the dry heat!!!

I received a crazy quilting book in the mail yesterday--it is my intention to come home and delve into that and see what there is to play with! :o) more soon *~*CAROLE*~*


Susan said...

What book? What book? Have a great time camping. Your flowers are looking great!

Franie said...

The flowers are so very pretty--where are they in respect to your yard--back or front? I can barely stand to wait to have flowers in my yard. That will be a while. But I bought some new baskets and will hang some soon as they can stand the weather and I buy the flowers--I should do that soon as I can harden them over in the greenhouse first. Are there many wild flowers in the mountains? The fire-burned area should be returning first with ground cover I would suspect.