Saturday, August 18, 2007

OH NO!!!!

This happened a few days ago--we talked to the home owner that lives just the other side of the metal fence.....seems lightening struck his fence and it bounced back to the cactus and destroyed it! This Cactus was several hundred years old and the folks (whose back yard it was just outside of) were the envy of the neighborhood. seems the bolt ran right up through it and all the way to the top which is hanging idly at the side about 6 ft down from the top. some of the arms are totally gone, laying on the ground around the base. I wish I had had the smarts to get a pic when it was beautiful! The owners now have to talk to the developer because it is kinda leaning directly towards the back yard and the back of the house..
.and they will have to get permits to bring it down as the Sahuaro is protected in our state. this is sad, too, because there are very few of these left in our area and certainly this one was the largest and oldest....destroyed in a split second by Mother Nature! *~*CAROLE*~*


These are curent pics of our little girls! I am thinking that Laci has some poodle in her which is quite ok...she has some curly hairs and Missy's legs are short--and that is quite ok also!
I am certain that the two will keep getting laong better as each day passes...Laci seems to be enjoying the company much more after about 2 weeks!
I see a lot of Laci's characteristics in Missy, especially still being in the puppy stage! Besides getting their hair all dirty and wet playing in the back yard!
They look like they could be from same litter even tho they are two years apart...we took Missy into town for her set of pup shots--yipes--they had a Maltese in a kennel--22.00 per month and up to 2500.00 in price for a Maltese...the Malte-poo they had was 1900.00..we definitely got a bargain--Laci was 300.00 and Missy was 500.00 and mind you--worth every darn penny! :o) They bring us a great deal of joy and company!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

MAJOR catching up to do

I completed an afghan that was submitted to a publishing company and they should be getting that today. I also got a package from same company, so I am under contract and a deadline of next week. eeeps! hehehehehe I have a quilt club meeting on Saturday and I have been going each day to help my daughter pack! :-( they rent, and the owners put the house on the market---

Recently, I was nominated for the *nice matters* award. (thanks GERRY). This means so much!! It is my turn to nominate others. I am going to send along 5 of these awards --these people have become very special to me.

~Susan N~she always tells me I should step a little outside of my comfort zone--and believe me, I sure have! LOL and I am loving it! (quilting)
~Jane B~ LOL--she helped me move out of said comfort zone (thank you for the lovely package! and we learn that we have much more in common with each communication. (crazy quilting)
~Carole Samples~ OH--she doesnt know it yet, but she is rapidly becoming a great email pal!! She is very encouraging with my learning to do it right-crazy quilting!
~VARMIT~ I cant say enough about this wonderful friend with whom I intend to meet one day. She and I keep each other on the *same page* and i enjoy every minute I get to spend talking with her. and boy howdy, is she extra fun!!! I love ya VARMIT!!! (crochet)
~Creative Partner-LLC~ specifically Rita and Jean! These two people are very easy going and easy to glean info and help from. I *work (crochet)* for these gals. They have made a huge impact on my *career-hobby* and are helping me realize dreams and goals. Thank you so very much!!
Each of my nominees have made an impact on my life and my desire to improve my life and the fun things I do, as I get older. I cannot imagine a life without these friends! Thanks for being there!!!
ok--that is it for now--I have a contract to fulfill----more later!!! *~*CAROLE*~*

Friday, August 10, 2007


boy howdy---this was/is interesting! LOL--my first real attempt--had a class about 3 yrs ago--I didnt remember much from that class obviously, because it took me about 6 tries to get this to the point that is look right :o)! hehehehe this block pattern is from Quilter's Cache and is called Michigan and is a lottery block for the Thimbleberries list I was led to! now that I can actually see what it is supposed to do/be, i really like it and want to make more...i pieced it using regular computer paper and a teeny stitch and it tears away nicely. Most of my trouble was that I neglected to see the secondary design. See, learn something new every day!

I have been tinkering with a crochet design. A publishing company put out a plea for designs asap and I sent picture and it was accepted right away. I am working on finishing up the border, then typing up the instructions from my notes and this will go out on Monday. Because of the nature of this and copyright laws, and such, I cannot give any information till the book is released. But I can tell you that I am immensely excited! This is my first *all mine* crochet item to be published! I am hoping that this will send me on my way. I dont expect to get rich, but getting paid for what I enjoy doing is certainly a nice benefit! if nothing else, it will keep me in stashes! hehehe *~*CAROLE*~*

Friday, August 3, 2007

Here is Laci as a baby

This picture was taken about a week after we got her--she was about 13 weeks... this picture below is Missy at 11 weeks and after first haircut she got just this morning! She seems to enjoy being without all that hair! :o) *~*CAROLE*~*
ps--Missy weighs about 1/2 pound more now, than Laci did...Laci tops out at 7 lbs 2 ounces today.


and here is Missy today--less than 24 hours later :o)

OH WHAT MEMORIES!! looks like Laci did--I am trying to upload a pic of Laci but it cant be found at the moment..i know it is there--I just adjusted the size....well, darn--it doesnt wanna be found--will try again later on *~*CAROLE*~*

Thursday, August 2, 2007


this little gal is the newest addition to our family! We havent decided on a name for her but are leaning towards *missy* she is just the cutest little pudgy puppy. she is 11 weeks and looks more like a Maltese than are dear Laci! *missy* weighs 4 lbs already--about a pound over normal so she goes on diet already---but cute as can be! John is attached already :o) you have to understand that Laci was his little girl for a b'day present, but Laci likes me more--so i told him he needed to bond with the pup and so he gets to choose her name--he has yet to come up with one :o)

This picture to the left is a lottery block on a Thimbleberry list I found with the help of a fellow cq-er.... I love this technique and design--good use of scraps :O) think I will make some more!

That's all today folks *~*CAROLE *~*---OH--we may or may not go camping--depends on how puppy does the next 3 nights....she would definitely go with us if at all possible....gotta get her used to it--after all, Laci loves to go with us! :o)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

AUGUST 1st... oh boy!

Charity sew day--well, this was most fun and lots attended-- and we played and played---had a storm, short general meeting and back to playing! The quilts we are making are for a safe house and an assisted services program...
oh and we had brown bag lunch and lots of snacks...people brought in 6 completed quilts and I paln on having another sew day towards the end of August in hopes of completing more lots of tops done and i brought 5 home to tie and or bind....

Here is the doily that I conducted a crochet a long of it is my friend's newest design.....
we are going camping next week and I am going to take along things to play with--cq-ing and crochet thread and hook and pencil and pad so i can get to working on an idea I have for a doily!

it is humid and warm--1/2 inch rain yesterday and less than normal computer time for me but I am getting some cq-ing done on RR's and swaps, etc,etc.....and I was led to a Thimbleberry list out of England! I am having fun there already :o) Participating in a lottery draw using paper pieced method--my first attempt ouside of a classroom...made one block and it cam out great--attempted the second and messed that all up so have given up for the day--best to put aside and return to it tomorrow...toodles! *~*CAROLE*~*