Thursday, July 30, 2009


Some of you may remember this quilt!! I pieced this while we were living at John's sister's house in the Summer of 06 (waiting for our new home to be built)! I only had a corner of the dining room table and her bed for work space. I had all the squares cut and I assembled it while there..This was a project that I simply put away, not sure what to do with it till about a month ago. I showed it to a friend and she quilted it for me! I tried to capture the beautiful quilting and I hope, when washed, I have the result I am looking for! This quilt is for me! I used unbleached muslin for squares, border and backing and the quilting (tho not the best pic) is ideal for what I had in mind and it is DONE!! on to another project's completion!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

look what hubby did part two

LOOK what hubby did for me!

these are before

during :o)


now I get to clean up my kitchen!

thanks for peeking in,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ANOTHER POST--sew soon?

bears paws I didnt make all of, actually but they are too pretty to not show! I made the yellow baby afghan for a nieghbor and began the purple for another one :o)) I am now all caught up on the Thimbleberries club for this year (pic bottom left) and the placemat is for a shop sample.. I actually worked on another shop sample but that needs borders, soon as I can get to it! I started two quilt tops--one is an interesting rail fence and the other is an item I saw in a quilt shop that I had to have for me! going to the quilt shop now--ttfn!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

we are back (again)

and we are gonna stay put for a few weeks maybe months--who knows! we had a great week and even managed to see a HUGE bear wandering around looking for breakfast...and I mean really huge--one of the biggest we have seen in Lakeside... easily over 400 lbs...ya know--it was actually really hot up there in the trees, too and come home and it is well over 100 degrees here!! sure wish we could have stayed longer--I accomplished lots and even managed some walking and hiking--yeah, in the heat! had one good storm while there, that dumped at least 1/2 inch of rain and knocked out power...that is kinda rough when the house is out in the boonies and who knows when things would get fixed...fortunately, it was only about 45 minutes. I managed to crochet by candle light--I completed an afghan and started another (for babies that are coming) and did lots of sewing--pics to follow soon...Tomorrow I go back to quilt shop--I think I am passed the point of helping out--I am still working full time--now I will try to simply put the money away--I wanna go on a nice long trip --hopefully next summer! more soon