Saturday, April 26, 2008


I do know my grandkids--really--Green for Jacob and Blue for Judah....hey--at least I got them right on the wall hanging! sheesh...hehehehe it is the weather and I am sticking to that story!

LAZY SATURDAY and hot and windy!!!

here are some pics of projects I am working on or have recently completed---Thimbleberries BOM for April and the April extra project for the club is the tote bag--NOW--I used CHENILLE IT blooming bias--what a neat item--sew it on, wash and dry and bingo-instant chenille--LOL--(the dark blue on the tote) ..I made a little pouch/bag for my cutter when I go to class, and the best is the wall hanging. This is the 2007-2008 challenge project for the guild. it is supposed to be *I remember when* wall-hanging and there are requirements, one of which is to work using techniques I hadnt used before, which I messed up a little on. (just the size) I did however, work some techniques--beading, paper-piecing, foundation piecing, appliqué and I will be adding more embellishments as I work on completing this by the end of May.

the chosen colors are respectively Green for Jacob and Blue for Jacob...This will be a birthday present for my daughter and her hubby. I also have another project going on--last Fall I participated in a choose your own theme swap on a cq-ing list-- my theme was sewing...anyhoo-I almost have my block done and will be making a wall organizer with those blocks...will take pics later on...I am making the finishing touches to my doily as well..we played in the garden this morning--not it is hot and windy and I dont wanna do anything but sit...soo-----gonna go sit!
enjoy your day

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

helping out others

this is my portion of a quilt that will be donated to a lodge in Wisconsin---in support for Faith's Lodge, a non-profit organization that provides a place where couples and families facing the serious illness or death of a child can retreat to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present and build hope for the future.
I belong to a Thimbleberries lovers' email list and i find this to be rather fitting to make a couple quilts for this project!
I enjoyed doing this portion--I needed practice with the flying geese! LOL ...
right now, I am cq-ing a purple block for a RR and I am working on a challenge quilted wall hanging and crocheting a doily to enter in a contest....ok-ok--for those of you who cant stand the wait --here is a pic --tada---I really need to get this typed up! hahahaha.

took the girls out for a walk--everything that blooms down here is having is pollen blow from here to timbuctoo (sp)--I am really sick of these high winds..(6 days now) .not to mention what it will do with any fires that may pop up! none of this is helping my nose or throat.
think I need a nap today--*~*CAROLE*~*

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

not yer mama's log cabin

well, ---I scanned the block because I was too lazy to get out the camera and this was faster! I suppose that comes with age-I have been a senior citizen for one week, but I dont notice a difference. I have used John to get discounts in the past and now, I can get them on my own! WHOOPPEEEE! LOL....anyway--the scanned block is actually 10 1/2 inches square but that doesnt show in the pic...I have no idea how big this quilt will be but I can say that I started out with 85 of the *windows*. hehehehe I dont know--could have been a math thing because I could get 17 of them per one strip. I didnt care for the middle which is normally two of the small blocks, the same size, so I decided to go scrappy as opposed to dark/light. Then I decided that I liked (and had in my stash) most or all of the Charleston II line of Judie Rothermel's collection..soooo...that led me in another direction, also! Guess I could add that I will make this a queen sized quilt! LOL...

I got another block done today--not a Dear Jane "specific" but size wise, will do well---used some of the scraps from the aforementioned block! -- waste not want not-- more soon

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I rode my stationary bike for 30 minutes @ 11 miles an hour --LOL-- I baked a banana bread, made bread pudding, did the laundry and straightened up my Thimbleberries cabinet (under my cutting table) --the stuff strewn on top are fat quarters, will become fat quarters or squares and strips for future scrappy projects!! The lazy crazy stuff at the bottom is what is left of a kit I bought four years ago that is now awaiting quilting. It will be a hand-quilted project.

Last night I cut up fabric for a log cabin quilt--never made one and figured it was time I took the plunge--have wanted to for a long time. today I begin assembly of that. I am using fabrics from Judie Rothermel collection called Charleston and is a reproduction from 1850-1865--in pinks, greens and browns. (another step from the comfort zone is the pink! hehehehe) my projects other than quilting are a doily for a contest and 3-4 afghans --all my own designs... I just have to *get a move on it* hehehehehe I am home more now that I am not working at the shop till she needs me--the folks from the cold country have gone home so I will be home sewing more, crocheting more, and just relaxing and enjoying being home! That is all for now--have a need to sew! have a great day!!