Monday, April 16, 2007

interesting someone

I met a woman today at a stitch and bitch thingie today and WOWZERS!!! she is a crazy quilter instructor at Hearts and Hands quilt shop in Green Valley...NOW, that was exciting--she even pieces by hand :o)) we had much to talk about and she even gave me some tips to help me improve my appliquéing and my hand-stitching skills--today was terrific! It was great to meet with women that enjoy doing what i enjoy doing--this might become a regular event for me on Mondays :o))...also thinking about going to an appliqué' playing meeting on Thursday...

becoming the charity chairperson with the guild has had rewards already, so I am really looking forward to becoming involved in this project..I have had the pleasure of getting to know even more individuals and I am really getting some activities balanced out!!

enough for now--no pictures, today, sorry--it is time to go and play *~*CAROLE*~*

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