Wednesday, February 28, 2007

what have I been doing

yipes! the twins turned 6 on Saturday the 24th and I was out of the loop till last night--not well--but I am back now and crocheting and sewing to pass the time which, by the way, is zipping right on by without any help from me or any one else!. I havent walked in about a week but that will change tomorrow. Tomorrow night Lizzie and the twins and I are going to see Beauty and the Beast (opera style),. Normally, I am not an opera person, but Aaron cannot go, so will talk about that trip on Friday. that is it for now *~*CAROLE*~*

Monday, February 19, 2007


well, I went for a walk first! I fought the wind uphill all the way back so that was a great workout! LOL I didnt do much cleaning today as I didnt sleep well last night and I simply didnt feel like it! Tomorrow is another day. I spent the afternoon sewing. I hemmed a pair of jeans for a neighbor, then I completed a sundress I started over a year ago. I just completed the second step of the quilt that will be completed in the club this year! I took my time and I am very pleased! everything actually matched up! hehehe--

for those of you who might ask, the quilt on the bed is a Scrappy version of the Road to Oklahoma. I actually completed it in the Fall of 06. It was quilted by a gal that I bartered with. I designed a mantle cover for her bedroom which was done in Polynesian/Hawaiian decor. I thought it was a good trade and so did she! :o)

Shoot---I am not even going to cook tonight --soup and salad--sounds good to me!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


WOWZERS!!! Had I known or had my wits about me, I would have taken a camera!! I have a Thimbleberries crazy quilt kit here, to make one up someday, and there was a smaller version of the exact same one at the show!!! Had it been for sale, I might have purchased it!!! **STUNNING** -- so now, I want to tackle mine--but have so much going on I need to wait a little longer! But know that I need to get this done and learn machine and or needle applique--been too chicken to this point! There were plenty of wonderful items to look at and there was a hand-quilting demo, machine quilter demo (SUPERB FELLOW & his wife--who also loves Thimbleberries--hehehe, so we hit it off--big time) and a most lovely trunk show, and a bed turning exhibit!!! Not too sure exactly what this is--but it is my understanding that at different times during the show--they turn vintage quilts over from one bed to another and from top to bottom, etc,etc---I didnt get to see this but I did manage to walk the aisles and talk to quilters from other states, etc,etc---what a wonderful world the quilters create!! (CROCHETERS DO TOO, mind you) There were oodles of door prizes and the owner of the quilt shop won a Ricky Timms convergence wall hanging in black and brights and colorful feather fabric...The owner of the quilt shop has a connection to this huge RV/SENIOR community and was the only seller there--GREAT for those that dont get out often! as for the SALE, we were busy from before setting everything up till exactly 4 pm!!! and I didnt buy a thing!!!! HAHAHA--but I had a BLAST!! I got to see the woman that planted the quilting bug about 11 years ago and she is now published and travels teaching, etc,etc..AND she still lives in Tucson and still teaches mostly in Tucson--OH YES!!!!! she remembered me and ran to give me a hug-and asked what I was doing, etc,etc--first I told her I was no longer working!!! and that I threw myself into quilting two years ago, full force!!! Susie was quite pleased :o)) As was I to see her again...I fell to the couch when I got home and the rest of the day was spent sitting there--I was pooped!!!

I have been out for a walk in the wind already
today and have been playing with a gift block for a
quilt to the shop owner that provides us with
the stuff for the quilt club! Now I am going to
begin sewing the block in the next step in
the club, and perhaps play with the month's
extra project! LOL--a scrappy top using the
charm pack! *~*TOODLES*~*

Friday, February 16, 2007

Because someone asked it of me, here is a picture of the table topper. This is one of my favorite projects to crochet!!!! have a great afternoon!!!!! *~* CAROLE*~*


so I will tell you!! I have been asked to help at the Quilt shop again--however, this time, I help
load truck and we haul everything off to a quilt show and sale and I am going to spend the day tomorrow helping out, over there!!! I am happy, excited, and somewhat reserved..I am still new to all this *behind the scenes* stuff! hehehe but I want to learn everything that I can!!!

The past couple days, I have made more hugs blocks. The doily in the back is actually a table topper I made several years ago and is one of my favorite designs--it is called Between Meal centerpiece and is a 1917 design. I have also been busy crocheting an item that I am designing.

For Valentines Day, I got a cupboard to put in my sewing room that actually makes the room look bigger LOL--but the idea was to keep the direct sun off my fabrics that i wont put in my closet! hehehehe This pic is the wall where the fabric was at first.. and the second picture is what it temparily looks like as I have finished stuffing it yet...all the things on the bottom are items that I promise to complete this year (so far, so good!)!!!!

Today I am going back to Daughter's to help clean out the yard of winter grasses and such...and trim Rose bushes, etc,etc--so, that is all for now!!! *~*CAROLE*~*

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

today was really nice--kinda chilly, and now windy-oh where, oh where has the rain gone, that we were to have today???

well, John had a check-up on his knee and i took along white yarn, a hook, and a pencil and notepad and while he was in with the doc, I set myself to creating a baby afghan...I have an idea that cannot be shared yet, but I got inspired listening to the weather reports last night! Who am I to delay what was taking place between my brain and my fingers and a crochet hook? LOL I have a few ideas and hope to get this one published. (a long-time dream of mine) ..I will give more details as time passes but for now, it is too soon for even a picture--how is that for teasing?

I went to the quilt shop--had some money to spend that was burning a hole in the pocket--so I bought more Thimbleberries fabric and picked up another buck to be spent later on!

We also went to Lowe's!!! and this was so easy, I kinda have to laugh a little--I asked John for a cupboard to keep the sun off my fabrics and we came home with one--so--i get to rearrange my room and have even more storage for fabrics!! Of course, i would love to have a stash like I have seen in others' sewing rooms. but I am satisfied with mine for now and replenish as often as I can.....that is all for today---*~*CAROLE*~*

Sunday, February 11, 2007

**~~** PLAYING **~~**

well, today is a lazy day--I made this quilt top, just finished sewing it. the back will be the fabric that has the larger objects in it...there is no pattern--well, there might be out there someplace, but I didnt use one--I just cut and sewed! I am going to *pillow-case* it and then tie it or hand quilt. not sure, but I am done with it for now--lunch time!!!!! then will see what kinda mood I am in afterwards!!!

*~* CAROLE*~*

Saturday, February 10, 2007

quilt club rambling

well, I get an extra thimbleberries buck for completing my notebook cover.. hehehehe and the projects coming up this month are terrific and will be fun to of those projects is a strip pieced top from 06 and i really like it, so I may start this week on that. Today I bought the newest book release this year by Lynette, of course, and there are some really lovely projects in there also--
now I am going to go and relax. We have a grand baby coming along in July and I need to crochet lots of things!!! we havent had an infant come along in years and of course, babies need crocheted and quilted goodies!! ta ta!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

9 days

I couldnt believe when I logged on this morning that it had been nine days since I last posted here. I have been here. I guess there just wasnt enough to talk about that anyone would be interested in...

I walked 4.69 miles on Wednesday and 4.78 today,and i feel great!! getting warm outside already so i maybe begin walking even earlier.

tomorrow is the next meeting in the Thimbleberries quilt club for 07. I am really enjoying this! I am looking to getting with my new found friends again and having fun and seeing what the next month has in store for us.
*^*Project Linus--if you have a need to sew for children who are ill or have been traumatized, then this is a charity for you. The organization's NATIONAL *~*make a blanket day*~* is coming up on the 17th. I will attend to have lots of fun, if I am able to and I urge those of you who may be interested in this to find out where it is being held in your area. If you cannot attend, but would like to participate, I believe any quilt shop is a drop off point for any blankets or quilts you would like to make..I am no longer a chapter coordinator but will always believe that this is a very needy charity and just think of all the personal rewards you will get in return!!!

I have been testing dishcloths for my friend VARMIT--yeah, otherwise known as roadkill, too!! if you like nice, thick, dishcloths for extra cleaning help and support, then you wanna find out how you can have some of your own...these are not lacy and will probably last a bit longer than your standard knit or crocheted dish or wash cloths! I am also getting ready to begin making baby items for a grandbaby that is expected to make an appearance in the beginning of July..deciding what I want to make is the hardest part for me--I want to make everything I can get my hands on that is baby related - LOL.

temps have been most Spring-like!! in fact, I love this time of the year. Fall is my favorite and really not unlike what we have now. chilly nights and warm beautiful days. We had GREAT monsoons last summer and I hope that the vegetation remembers how much moisture it got--including the 3-4 inches of snow, that all the wild flowers will come out in full force.. The desert sure a a beautiful place with those in bloom...if anything happens, I should be able to begin getting pics Late Feb into March, if temps stay like this...

that should bring ya'll up to date with happenings @ wippy's place!!! This is for you Valerie--P:~~~~~~~ hehehehe you should be happy now!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007


A GREAT BIG HAPPY 49th B DAY to my baby sis!!! hehehehe

I am participating in a quilt block exchange thingie--I have tried several time to get this the way it is supposed to look...but i still feel something is wrong and I cannot put my finger on it!! anyway--no biggie--I am going to send them off and see what happens--I have plenty of time to make more if need be! LOL I have been playing around with the way they might look after they are assembled--that is what you see here!!!

John and I took a short walk--boy howdy, was it chilly! hehehehe we only walked about 2 miles but it was worth it! we even got drizzled on! in the months to come--it will get warmer and not so much rain to worry about walking in. hehehe Now, he is helping a neighbor clean up their computer and I am going to retreat back to my room to play around. I have a lot of projects that I hope or intend to complete this year...I work different projects at any given time so I do not get bored easily..and yes--I do complete things!! HA!! I may even post pictures here if need be. I have already finished several items this year and some of those I cannot post pictures of because of copyright and things like that..ok--so, that is it for now.

Sorry you have to work on yer bday, Diana!!! and it is hell getting older, but better if'n ya dont have to work--so I say, have no fear, you will get to retire one day! LOL WIPPY