Saturday, April 28, 2007


YIKES--picture didnt come out too good--way to windy!!! the second picture was taken off the top of my brother's car--the yellow stuff are blooms from Palo Verde tree....I did that to hold the camera steady in the wind...even tho there is chance of thundershowers the next couple days, we are still going camping in the mtns! see ya'll next weekend! *~*CAROLE*~

Friday, April 27, 2007

Jacket done--couple days ago

here is my jacket!! all done!!! I would have taken pics sooner, with me in it, but it is simply tooo hot to put it on!
so i thought the feeder stand was ideal and I went out and snapped a few!

the flower bed behind is really growing and looking terrific! they are 85% wild, but the colors cant be beat!
this pic is of the yard from the side where the box is :o)) who says you cant have green out here?of course, it costs money but what the heck! we need green :O))

I am going to quilt guild meeting to have fun--musical 3" squares!

#2 crazy needle book

wow--what responses to my last post! I am delighted! Makes me feel great! ((~.~))
I will be going camping Sunday and will be back on Friday in the am--I will at least have updated pics if I am not ready for the next stage! This is a neat little thing/project and i am excited at the prospect of completing it soon!! Thanks for boosting my confidence! I will take all I can get at this point! *~*CAROLE*~*

Thursday, April 26, 2007

CRAZY NEEDLE BOOK + other stuff

for those of you interested, this is the outside cover of what will become my crazy needle book. I went to a sew society meeting on Monday the 23rd and I saw one that was made back in 95 or 96 and I stared at that till it became embedded on my brain. That was completely Victorian and most lovely! For mine, I am using a 9 x 11 base and I hand-stitched pieces of Thimbleberries prints in odd sizes to my base. As seen here, I have appliquéd a few things on since arriving home yesterday. I have also done some embroidery and will do some other embellishments to the outside as well, including buttons and maybe a tatted item or two, etc,etc...I will post the next step or process when I get to that point!

We are going to go camping at Rose Canyon which is about 3/4 of the way up Mt Lemmon hwy just outside Tucson. That will be fun as I have camped there before. I certainly hope it isnt windy there. *wink*

I was asked to contract and order while I was gone and that project was given to another so I whined and hollered and have yarn coming in Friday or Saturday to take along to play with--otherwise, I am only taking crazy quilt stuff to play with and a baby afghan. But then again, maybe not the baby ghan--it only needs to border and that is wide and may need lots of reading till I get the pattern on. It is so much easier to take hand sewing so i may just do that!.

Friday, April 20, 2007


well, tomorrow we get to pack up and head to the higher, cooler climate :o) of course, here's hoping we get the much needed rains they have forecasted! we shall see.

there are pictures of the quilt I have decided to make for Laci--front, back, both and the last one is how I am going to quilt it! just a simple running/back stitch, I dont believe she will have anything to say--I can only hope she will be grateful when we camp in cooler night time temps! LOL

I still need to embroider most but it will certainly be fun! Laci is spoiled :o) and worth every bit of it!

This is it for now! *~*CAROLE*~*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

new morning

had to start out the day with pictures of my flower garden in the new m0rning. today we are going into town and then up to Mt Lemmon for the afternoon--this is where we began camping years ago and the area was virtually destroyed by a hiker/smoker's carelessly tossed cigarette, about 3 years ago..actually, the campgrounds are down the mtn from the destroyed area but one end of it was wiped out--thank goodness there are still some shaded areas to run to from the dry heat!!!

I received a crazy quilting book in the mail yesterday--it is my intention to come home and delve into that and see what there is to play with! :o) more soon *~*CAROLE*~*

Monday, April 16, 2007

interesting someone

I met a woman today at a stitch and bitch thingie today and WOWZERS!!! she is a crazy quilter instructor at Hearts and Hands quilt shop in Green Valley...NOW, that was exciting--she even pieces by hand :o)) we had much to talk about and she even gave me some tips to help me improve my appliquéing and my hand-stitching skills--today was terrific! It was great to meet with women that enjoy doing what i enjoy doing--this might become a regular event for me on Mondays :o))...also thinking about going to an appliqué' playing meeting on Thursday...

becoming the charity chairperson with the guild has had rewards already, so I am really looking forward to becoming involved in this project..I have had the pleasure of getting to know even more individuals and I am really getting some activities balanced out!!

enough for now--no pictures, today, sorry--it is time to go and play *~*CAROLE*~*

Saturday, April 14, 2007


WELL--here is my JACKET!!! boy--kinda like a trial and error with the pattern--the armhole was tooo big for the set in sleeves, so I had to alter that but it is done except for the binding! it is pinned and ready for blind-stitch!

the others are of a crocheted wrap with sleeves. A friend of mine made one and asked me to do her sleeves and I liked what I saw, so i ordered the yarn-yea--more yarn , but I am almost done, and using up all the yarn I bought for this..if I have enough, gonna make the *wrap* parts longer :o)) too short for my tastes!!

quilt club was wonderful today!!! we had show and tell and we celebrated 2 birthdays-mine and another--so extra bucks for that-I earned 5 today--hehehe--ran to quilt shop after and bought 3 yds of tb fabrics :o)). gonna have a lot of bucks to buy something really nice at the end of the year :o))) folks loved the jacket and that made me feel really good for my accomplishment! I practically designed it myself, just using the pattern for the size....

Lizzie has another baby --a beautiful boy!! He was born on Tuesday and his name begins with a *T*...My son is getting ready to go spend 12 days in Japan--his is seriously into the "animae" stuff (sp)--I should ask him to being me some fabric-eh?

going to fix dinner and head to a friend's for the evening to play dominoes--that sure is a fun game.... that's it for now *~*CAROLE*~*

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


wow--went into town to pick up a few things and driving home we were stopped in heavy traffic --a mature dog and two pups were running in and out of traffic--so we stopped, loaded them up, and are awaiting animal control to come and get was clear to us that they hadnt eaten in some time, so that was the first order of business--then the pups got a bath..sheesh--they were filthy!!! and it was obvious they had been dumped..Laci is going nuts to check them out but cant do that......

I am playing--and have been for a few days with the item you see in the pics throughout this post....I probably wont be needing this for a very long time, but wanted to make one before the desire had gone and i dont want it to become a wip--so, I have been working steadily on it. I used a pattern for size only--the instructions, well, didnt care for them at all so decided my own thing would work best for me...

I am also crocheting a wrap with sleeves...helped a friend complete hers and decided I liked it so wanted one for me. I am also crocheting an afghan for Joseph William due about July 4th

getting ready for our first camping trip, collecting items and just getting organized..we will be going to the White Mountains--camping on the reservation in the trees, before then month is out!!!

that is all for now*~*CAROLE*~*

Sunday, April 1, 2007

WHEW!!!!! hehehehe

geepers=--almost forgot what real work was....I spent quite a bit of time at the quilt shop this past is a very very long story, so will spare the was real work---till yesterday....
THE MS WALK--I picked up Lizzie and the kids at 7:00 am--the infant decided to be hungry so we took care of that and still got to the walk in time for registration--we walked the 3 miles, and got a free pass to the zoo, so walked around the zoo---then went to eat lunch---then off to the quilt shop to work for 5 1/2 hours and boy howdy--was it ever busy!!!!!! I forgot all about the quilt show in Green Valley, but working in the shop I got my own personal show and tell!!!!!

Friday, I received a contract order, so crazy quilting is on hold till I get this project completed. it is the first of several stages, and it's deadline is the 15th of April, so I must complete asap---if I am not around, you can read here and know what is going on!

had several days of chilly temps but today is right back up there--it is already 81 degrees--@ 11:00 am!! *~*Carole*~*