Thursday, July 31, 2008

sluggish and hot

man oh man--hoping rains come back soon...not been a good week at all around here, but to pass the time I have been sewing--takes my mind off things..Here is the first block of blocks for the Dresden Plate quilt..not perfect, but I am happy and it is staying this way! LOL..I have yet to lose interest on working this quilt...and am making good progress...also finished the BOM for the Thimbleberries big quilt for 08, and am working several other projects including a Thimbleberries nine patch--not sure yet how big to make any of my quilts--we are going to be on the hunt for another bed...bigger--the girls need more room! If this Dresden Plate quilt needs to be bigger--it will probably get borders! and lots of them! more soon as things calm down!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well, here we are--the morning after
the rainbow indicates what kinda mess we had the night before..I know better than to go out in a storm of that nature. there were stranded vehicles every where and mud up to windows, etc,etc...what gets me is that the drivers' wanting to get home overrides their senses and they go around barricades, etc..and THEY KNOW what may happen....oh well, there will always be idiots I guess!

I know we have never experienced that kind of lightening and thunder before..I honestly thought that we had been the recipients of a direct hit but it was the neighbor's home..she lost electric, air, phone, and her microwave. She has had power since yesterday am but has to replace everything else...we havent heard, but hopefully all is well now. The lightening was SO CLOSE that I could hear the crackling and sizzling..and the clap of thunder was there before the lightening stopped! They dogs were petrified and needed to be cuddled for some time after....AND it came back around two more times....for a total of 1 1/2 inches of rain that brought the waters in the pics I loaded from Tuesday night. We were expecting the same yesterday but it was nice and dry and ~H~O~T~, and again we are due more of the same but we shall see--kinda hit and miss this time of year around here.

I pacify myself staying inside where I can play and watch and listen..Yesterday I created this tissue cover to go with the THIMBLEBERRIES line of projects and fabrics I will using in this year's club! I ABSOLUTELY love this line and I thought this would make a nice addition. I also designed the crocheted couch set :o) nothing like have everything I like to do in one project! LOL The base isnt hemmed yet..I am going to use a shorter box of tissues, but I think you get the idea.. :o) thanks for taking a peak---now I am going back to the machine to work on my TB nine-patch! more soon

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


from the outside from the dining area from the other side of the yard


These pictures will tell you why we have a stupid motorist law out this way---people try to navigate through something similar to this around town--this wash is in the canyon behind our home. I have never seen or heard it run before today--after dinner, the noise of rushing waters got our attention so went back to see and boy were we surprised...we got an inch of rain + and you would think this *river* ran all year looking at it.
these last two--taken from the bridge across this *wash*...the first pic--you can see the rooftops of the two story homes on our street--looking more to the southeast--the other is looking the opposite direction--I wouldnt wanna be at the other end of that running water....who knows where it will wind up --flooding everything in it's path...the is amazing to us as we dont get much rains....

Beginning a BOM with Judy!

On Aug 1st, I will begin (via the net) participating in a STAR BOM with Judy Laquidara. These are the colors I have chosen for my quilt. Of course, I had to add some Thimbleberries to the mix so it is soon as i figure out how to enter the rest of the info, I will do so...hehehe you can see the quilt here click on the star bom on the right of the I said--soon as I get more info and set it up--will let you know...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Here I am..playing as usual

AH--the Dresden Plate quilt I am making! It is machine pieced and hand pieced and appliquéd. It will be hand-quilted 4 blocks at a time. There will be 110 blocks and 1320 mostly different scrappy petals. A friend is teaching me this as part of hand appliqué lessons. She says this is a good place to start--no matter- as you can see by my work thus far, it is addicting. I have made 78 plates in 1 1/2 weeks, and I have 35 centers done, all ready for their blocks--THAT part will be time consuming.

The Moose Mats are an extra project within the Thimbleberries club. the project for the month was to make two border strips--so no pic of those--no big deal. THE BIGGEST deal was completing my LOG CABIN quilt top--sorry no pic--it has been mailed to my friend in Idaho for quilting. Hang tight--you will get to see it completed before the Summer is out! I am not a pink person but the reproduction fabric screamed of log cabin so that is what it became. I am delighted with it!

currently, now that that project is out of my room, I am crazy quilting a Summer block for a swap and I am working on a purple RR that I wish I could keep! hehehe. beat me up--I have not crocheted in about 2 weeks now. just about the time I began the Dresden Plate quilt! I guess I have my priorities!

The monsoon season is upon us and I dont get to play much in the afternoons but that is ok--I have my hand works that I can do sitting anywhere. It has been nice enough in the am to walk and cool enough in the later afternoon to take the girls out for a walk.

I was all excited--we had a good 80% chance of rain today and so far, nothing. I love to watch the storms come in, smell the air after and relax! So, till it comes in today, I will pacify myself on the couch with appliquéing!

Friday, July 4, 2008


I was up at 3 --dont ask why--my brain was a flutter with something to sew on....and I did just that--been working on the top since I got up--also--made two loaves of banana bread, steamed some brats, made deviled eggs and potato salad, and cut some fresh fruit for salad! who needs curves! I am pooped and ready for nap--then BBQ and pool party and then back home to zonk out! LOL

Well, this is what I came up with! nothing real spectacular about it but it sure looks nice on my bed and it isnt done. I am debating whether or not to put a border on it and if so --what next? hehehe Obviously I want it longer on the sides, but I might only do 3 sides...Think I might make some matching shams and pillows :o)...

I am already working on my next project and have several I have played with over the last couple days. Helps make the hot days go by faster! I am looking forward to messing around in the swimming pool at John's sister's house.

I didnt get my nap! oh no! oh well! sure hope everyone has a wonderful day today. we are due more Monsoon activity..more than likely it will happen during fireworks and that might be a blessing, since most fires going on here are human caused...people just will not learn!

Please remember all of our people that are overseas and pray for their safety. Sure do wish they could be here celebrating the 4th with us

have a wonderful day and be safe and behave safely!