Saturday, February 28, 2009


Other than telling you this is a must see, I wont tell you that much about it!

IT WAS fabulous--I just cant enough great stuff about it!!!

--as good as Bill E, Larry the cable guy, etc--FOR WOMEN--there were men
there but I dont think they appreciated it near as much as the women did---
a couple of them actually laughed! Most of the gals were belly laughing so
hard it was funny watching them so it would cause me to laugh more and then
we couldnt stop! I will keep my eyes open if it ever makes the round here again...
it was worth every penny and then takes place in Bloomingdales! :o))
and was sold out last night and tonight....otherwise I would go back...and probably drag John with me! hehehehe It is definitely a must see!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


and although they did most of the work, because it is a panel,
I like it a lot! This worked up fast, this afternoon...and is a
new assortment from South Sea Imports!

Yesterday was Thimbleberries club, now I need to get
that cut and assembled and work the rest of the week..

I wonder if new stuff will be coming in >>>>>>>>>>>>> TOODLES

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I talked to a friend of mine on the phone yesterday, and I just had to start another
project for a grandbaby on the way! (April) . These are the fabrics I chose for
baby girl! (of course, after talking to grandma!) This is gonna be a raggy edged quilt
and will be quite suitable for winters where they are! below are the first 12 blocks!

I personally dont think the baby will care what it looks
like but I bet daddy will like it! :o)) I am adjusting
a pattern in a QUILT magazine, (April/May 09)
and at the rate I am going already, I should be
done in no time! :o), even with working full time...
temporarily. I did buy the fabrics and assemble
these blocks just yesterday so I am hoping to keep
up that speed! More pics as I can!! Stay Tuned!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Judy's block # 12

One block to go--this is number 12....block 13 and sashings, and putting it all together! OH BOY!
this certainly has been fun!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crochet project done

and on to the next project!!

I am making a child's quilt with fabric from and for a sample at the quilt shop! Basic and cute--I hope to complete it in the am and post a pic...We are going to the mountains to visit with friends for the weekend! We will be staying in the home across the street from the house we built the year we retired! PICS SOON

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

we have WEATHER

almost two inches..maybe we will have more today--it isnt over! nothing more to say...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


made two cq blocks this am..I will be participating in a private with a gal that
is new to crazy I put these together..I havent done much cq until
lately and decided that I needed to do more...especially since I will be
participating in the CQ bee that has begun within our guild!

Today, I have
gotten to the border of quilt two of three for grandsons. # 3 is going to be a bit
smaller and not needed till June so I can relax with that one. The twins will
be 8 on the 24th...

Also today, I will be making sure I am all caught up
on B.O.M., lotteries, and I hope to finish my crocheted runner.

Due storm
tonight, so that should keep me in and catching up! I really wanna cut out
another top! hehehehe

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I travel along the same route each day I go to work at the quilt shop--or to Green Valley to club meets or play or shop, etc...along the way one morning in Jan, I noticed a hawk on the same pole, at the same time of day. Now in Feb, I see him there on a pretty regular basis. Today, having not been that way for two days, I decided to grab camera and see if he would be on his perch. Sure enough, there he was, so I pulled off the road and began snapping pics...He wasnt even phased by my approaching. I took some pics from a distance, got in car and pulled up closer. Not wanting to push my luck and have him fly away, I inched up even closer and decided that this may be as close as I could get. LOL--I may even try to get closer tomorrow! Really a magnificent bird of prey, I am certain he was waiting for some roadkill breakfast! I would not be providing that for him if I could help it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

THE rest of the BLOCKS

These 4 are for a lottery on a Thimbleberries list I belong to.

The next picture is of blocks for b.o.m. in local guild and the quilt for one of my grandsons'...I didnt do the blocks on point this time--the boys should be able to tell them apart! hehehe

That is all for today--I am going to go and applique the hearts and watch the end of the game and relax..

Judy's B.O.M. # 11

Here is that long awaited for block # 11 -- It was a lot easier to put together than it looked to me at first! block 12 will be released on or about the 15th....looking forward to that one now!

I know folks are watching *the big game* right now and that is fact, my DH just tuned in, too! but that wont last long, either team could win and we would be happy.

I used today to catch up on other *single* blocks for swaps, b.o.m.'s, hearts for friends, am going back to my machine..more pics soon..