Saturday, September 29, 2007


yeah--trip was uneventful and rather boring--I had hoped to catch some Fall colors going on someplace but for the first time ever, Pike's Peak didnt even have snow on it, that i can remember, anyway! I love Colorado Springs--spread out, rather sleepy, clean for the most part, and grass and trees--all sorts of trees--lovely weather to speak of--just windy coming back! The dogs missed us terribly, but it had to be done. lLea is moved in, and already out for the night--ok--we can play dominoes with friends--ah--love being retired--tomorrow I can back to crocheting and quilting--more soon *~*CAROLE*~*

Friday, September 21, 2007


I have been laughing about this since Monday night of the 17th! hehehehe MY DH went outside --at night--just before bedtime--to go "potty" of course.(because the world can be his bathroom) thing I hear is OH SH*&%^!!!!!! he had his flashlight, so I mosied over to the door and whispered to him, "Are you ok?" I hear another ((&&$%#@^**^&%) ---he is standing quite still--I assumed the worst--snake bite, bear sighting...what?? he wouldnt make another sound....he came over, opened the door and said---look outside--and he pointed --with the flashlight--at the back end of a skunk!!!!!!!!!!! He said he was standing there doing his business and the skunk waddled between his legs as if he wasnt there...I buttoned my lips real quick like and stood still as i watched it's tail waltzing away in the beam from the light! DH hurries inside, 'bout knocking me down in the process and closes the door. and looks about like death warmed over! I start to laugh--really laughing and am really amazed that he didnt get "sprayed". Apparently the skunk had meandered from under the trailer and right into John's path! LOL maybe it got wet, we will never know!!!! BUT JOHN didnt get sprayed!!! Wonders never cease! LOLOL---the camping was wonderful from that point on till last night when we were awakened by a severe thunderstorm and about an inch of rains at about 11 pm... now--flooding isnt far from my mind because this area was closed several weeks ago due to flooding...but I managed to go back to sleep when the rains let up! as for the PUPS---they loved it!!!! Missy was terrific and neither had accidents while we were gone!

I completed a cq exchange block, made 7 dishcloths/washcloths, and worked on a cross-stitch project while gone, and taught john how to play skip-bo and he whooped me playing dominoes! we walked a lot, took dogs on more walks, and relaxed, watched tv, etc,etc....It was a wonderful, cool, four days!! . Always nice to go away and nice to come back. In October, we go in search of Fall colors..*~*CAROLE*~*

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

what a nice day!

had some stuff done to house because year warranties are up and they have to be fixed--anyway--I stayed in my room most of the morning working on this :o) and this afternoon I bound it! The details cant be seen to well, but at least you get the idea--it is Thimbleberies Wiggles and Giggles and I put this together for the LQS to put on display. when they are done with it--I will get it back..for my grnadson or to donate...

I have also been working on my ripple afghan...if I didnt have to count so much, I might be further along than I am---but I will get more done when we go camping next week! :o)

friends challenged me to do this and now they want to trade?!?!?

I dont know if I can part with one--I have become attached to the colors and John likes it, too! LOL

This may be done when we get back from camping--but no promises! I like to take along crazy quilting, also.

I have been playing around with a block for Sharon on
cqfornewbies list...for the COYT, she is needing one more block to be made. wait till she sees what she is getting...I really like these.

That is what I have been doing--they are making such a mess in this house, i dont dare clean--tomorrow should be the last day of messes--with drywall, etc,etc and sanding the mud, etc, is gonna take me a week to clean everything---BLECH!!!!!!! *~*CAROLE*~*

Friday, September 7, 2007


here it is--and the challenge---a work a RIPPLE AFGHAN!!!! yes--dear friends challenged me to over come this thing I have for not doing a ripple...well--I havent been able to do one and I couldnt refuse this challenge...soooo here it is--NOW, dear friends and you know who you are--YOU need to help me keep this from ending up in the bottom of a wip pile in my closet! HOW is that for a challenge and how does this look so far? now--i gotta go--severe thunderstorm and rains with winds about 50 -60 miles per hours...later

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Busy retired person that I am! LOL

let's see--since the last post--I have designed and written an afghan

and worked two others under contract. I conducted another charity sew and have participated in other activities as well, none of which involved house cleaning beyond what one might see when they came in! hehehehe--the most enjoyable event was buying and receiving the new sewing machine (A JANOME) and now thinking about all the new stuff i can learn including learning to do my own machine quilting!

some guild members and I took 30 quilts and 2 afghans to the woman that heads up the local safe house..YEAH!!! literally buried her in quilts---

it was great fun!

cant wait to do that again! now I feel like I am accomplishing something with the charty apsects of the guild!

Missy and Laci are doing great! they are getting along much better now! Laci still and always will, rule the roost! and that is ok--she is Mom's girl--and Missy is dad's girl and you can tell here---LOL--that is is for now--i gotta go for now--playing to be done!