Sunday, January 25, 2009

a CQ project for a new Bee

well, this is what I came up with and that should keep me busy in the Bee for some time! BTW if the pic looks funny, it was the photographer, nothing else..hehehehe

I might need to convince them they need to have the Bee more than once a month!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Couldnt help myself

well here they are...I just couldnt help myself and had to complete the blocks today.
above are Jan and Feb bom... two each month-I wont get the filler blocks till I work on Friday and get them cut! LOL
below ar e the other four so you can see them all together

I am in the process of working a blanket stitch around the flowers and leaves.... I changed some things because I simply didnt like the way they more on this one tonight! LOL

LOVELY day to play!

I dont know that gives--I know I uploaded the pics where I wanted them! LOL anyway, the one in the middle is a block I snatched up at the guild meeting for 50 cents...I think I will make more of these, it was that easy and of course I have the pattern and templates! It was a block from JoAnn's 1999 bom. The florals are of a bom that was to start in January this year, but, Phyllis decided to catch the winter visitors and do a double bom from Nov to April...These 4 blocks are Nov and Dec...there are 4 more blocks to be done another afternoon, perhaps tomorrow, and then there will be two sets of filler blocks that round out that bom. Judy L's bom is set to begin again on Feb 1st....counting days here! OK--more soon--maybe I will do the other four blocks...maybe as well work on the hand appliqué all at the same time, eh? OH, the bom at our guild is also going to last 6 months for the same reason stated above..these blocks are dear Jane blocks double in size so we dont have to work such teeny pieces.....I hope I win some of these in the future! now I am going......

Sunday, January 18, 2009

TB Jan 09

Here is Thimbleberries Jan 09 blocks..I had trouble with one stinkin' seam and frogged that darn thing 4 times but it is done--not doing that again! I am doing the traditional colorway and looking at it up close, I could also have gotten away with the bright, as I like some of those as well...

it is beautiful yet breezy outside. I htink I will stay indoors, tho...I dont need allergy stuff or anything like that coming my way. I may just watch a movie and do some handiwork or crochet or dig into my wip pile....lunch first! ((~.~))

Thursday, January 15, 2009

CHALLENGE project is done!

I am going to take a chance and call it quits and post pics--hoping no one from the guild sees this---they havent been here yet so.....the challenge--white and black with accent color. Something old is new again. My accent color is a pale yellow. all that is needed is the label...I actually might keep this when the quilt show is over! LOL

I didnt do all the embellishing that I thought I would in the I have goodies and fabric for other projects like this!

ok--now on to the next project in the 09 Thimbleberries club! I really like these fabrics!

Today I am going into town tobabysit fosters so the twins and parents can go to Flandrau Planetarium..I kinda wish I was going with them! more soon

Thursday, January 8, 2009

TB party 08

here are the quilts from this year's of the gals is gone most of the year so she finished up last year's quilt and made another from scraps and another gal made twin sized quilts! the last picture is my top-no I aint done yet! LOL did you have to ask? I need to get busy--09 club starts this Saturday and my fingers are a-itching!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

seems I am always running backwards

Lizzie and the troops are finally moved and beginning the process of settling in--YEAH!!! For a while I thought this time would never come since they were supposed to close on the 24th of November! -I have told her this is the last time to help them move and they certainly shouldnt be moving for a long time!

I have managed to complete 1 1/2 quilts and have 1 1/2 more to go of this particular design and fabric line.. would seem even the dogs approve so I posted all the pics I took of the completed one.

I am making one for each of 3 grandsons! LOL

The girls simply cannot claim them! LOL

This one is a sample I made for the quilt shop and have been making kits to sell..

it has become very popular and all the initial kits have been sold...anyway--that is it for now--if you folks in the northwest and northeast send me some of your weather, I would love it! Ya'll are simply getting way to much!