Saturday, June 28, 2008


have to--it is too hot to go out! I finished 72 log cabin blocks for my quilt! Now, I try to figure out what setting I want..

not sure what I am looking for at the moment but I have plenty of resources... and of course, my girls love to get their picture taken so i
couldnt leave them out.

on the left here is a very small Dresden plate. This is a project a friend is teaching me..It is 1/2 hand pieced and 1/2 machine and hand appliqu├ęd. I wish to make a queen sized quilt--sooo we are guessing, that I might need about a whole big group of petals. I have about 300 so far -only since Monday-they are addicting.- I made this one block so I could see how it was going to come out!

I have also been working on Dear Jane --these were made using scraps from my log cabin blocks and I recently received a bunch of reproduction strips to make more blocks...

I am also designing another doily, working on some placemats for Thimbleberries monthly project and well, I am Wippy, so I am sure I am not mentioning everything because folks would think I never clean! hehehe..Laundry is calling me...byeeee

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I began this quilt back in October of 2007. It was rather
interesting in that there are blocks within blocks.
You can actually pick them out if you concentrate hard enough! hehehe There are
12 blocks, but lots more if you were to *read between the lines*!! This was very challenging for me and there was a time I thought I would actually hand quilt it--however--I wanted to see this done in my lifetime! I have a great friend that insisted that I go to her house and she would teach me how to quilt using her equipment..who am I to say no to such an offer? we are becoming good friends for other reasons as well! :o)...This is my very first Thimbleberries quilt for my stash! I have a couple yet to be completed! and of course, this year's club quilt and extra projects!

well, it is JUNE and temperatures made a big jump--today it was 110.2 at my house!, and we are expecting higher temps this week--you can bet I wont be going out so see some quality sewing time inside! bring on the rains! I am beyond ready for them!

JOSEPH'S 1st Birthday party

Pictures say a thousand words! hehehe this is Joseph. Our grandson on John's side.. Looks like his mom and dad...all in all, everyone had a marvelous time, despite high temps and lots of people! LOL Joseph was sleeping before he could be taken out of his seat! hehehe or should I say throne? He definitely is our little prince!

Monday, June 9, 2008

doily revised

Here is number two! Last night I typed out all the corrections and blocked this one....I am going to make yet another- hehehe--I need something to crochet and yarn is simply too hot to have on my lap...I also have another doily in mind and will begin that as well!

Monday, June 2, 2008

accomplishments yesterday

These are how I passed the time yesterday--that and crocheting of course!
The Saturdays of our Thimblerries club, some of us stick around to share our progress on our Civil War reproductions quilts. I didnt start mine till yesterday and I have these done already..3 colors, different designs, hues, toones, and I am delighted since I had no real pattern in mind...just using traditional blocks. I has set this up to do one block a month, then a couple gals said that would be big enough--they wanted to do 20 blocks, so here I am--LOL--catching up--I am sure one gal is all done her blocks already! hehehehee

I also made a Thimbleberries thread butler. no pattern, tho I had made one before, I kinda followed that idea. it keep me company at my sewing machine..
Today, I am going to be hanging out in Town with another gal--we are going to do our own kinda shop-hop thingie. I need some things for cq-ing, gotta check out the shop that has the most CW repros in town, maybe eat, and check out JoAnn's

have a glorious day!