Monday, March 12, 2007


just back from my walk! OMG--why I didnt see the winds coming is beyond me! duh ----I didnt notice till I was making my way back--going out is downhill--coming back at a brisk clip INTO the wind is not nice..LOL--it is also uphill--I am thinking 2.25 miles uphill with an incline of up to 800 feet in that distance and WINDS!!!! I loved it--it was a great workout!!! Hubby had begun the laundry and is almost done--I am keeping him! hehehehehee---I am relaxing a bit and then I get to find out if I have jury duty tomorrow.. I dont mind , really--just that I am unsure what to take for busy the only thing I am reading right now is Hillary' Clinton's book...if I take crochet, are they gonna confiscate my hook?? (it is a thread project) do I start YET another crochet project so I can take a bone hook?? or, if you are a quilter, what would you take besides reading material?? I do have my cathedral windows project I havent touched in a couple months--teeheeeee...I would have to get some of that ready....what a whirl, what a whirl. LOLOL
If I dont have jury duty tomorrow, i get to pick up my paycheck from the quilt shop---and on Saturday, I get to go to the pajama party at 7 am and spend spend--hehehehee---and then later on to a St Pat day celebration at the SIL"S...tooooo bad the pool hasnt heated up yet!
anyhoo---outta here for now...wanna make some bear claws and play---no reason to dust today. *~*CAROLE~*~

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val said...

u make me sick