Saturday, March 10, 2007


I got this comic this morning at the quilt club meeting and thought it was toooo funny--of course, to my crocheting friends, this could apply to a yarn shop :o))

only 3 showed up this morning--I got 3 thimbleberries bucks to shop with at the end of the year--we played bingo (as usual, always fun) and we actually had a decent show and tell :o))... One gal brought a thimbleberries quilt she completed in 2001 and I had only ever seen ONE of the fabrics in it! The rest were all new to me and she said they were at least 7 years and I may go surfing!

I have 12 squares assembled for the comfort afghan I am making and it looks terrific in all the Spring colors and samples and edged in Hunter green....the recipient will love the cheerfulness as well as the cyber hugs it will bring to her when she needs them! fixing dinner tonight for family so I am outta here for now....*~*CAROLE*~*

--OH--had to come in and edit :o) Of course I stopped by the favortie *watering hole* on the way home to nurture my stash addiction and I got lots of Thimbleberries on sale (not the 2007 line) for 3.99 per yard and then 30% off because they now consider me as an employee! wahhhhhoooooooo I bought what was left of two flat folds and some samples and fats of *stuff* to begin crazy quilting when I am done with the runner and the afghan...I also ran to wally world and bought a couple fancies for the blocks I am soon to make----outta here for now.....


Susan said...

Only 3??? Where was everyone else? You'll keep collecting the bucks, though. Made for an opportunity to really get to know the other ones, though. Sounds like you did some great shopping!

Gail said...

Sounds like a fun day, Carole. Did you get cottons or fancies for CQ?