Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I dont think they are romantic anymore as I eliminated the hearts and most of the picots---my doily is 20 inches in diameter!! If you want to buy this--just holler! hehehehehehe

went for a short walk today--for some reason, I just didnt feel like it!

no jury duty--I have been postponed till next week! OH WELL!!!!

spent the better part of the past two days watching Roots.
amazing!!! and sad!!--gonna go play--ttfn *~*CAROLE*~*


sammimag said...

Lovely doily!

val said...

sorry no $ but tis pretty :-)))

Susan said...

It's pretty just as an unromantic pineapple doily. =)

I watched some things on part of African history today - the growth of my church in Ghana and Nigeria. It was really interesting. The people are so patient! They were walking miles and miles to go to meetings - some of the 25 miles *one way*! I think it's too far to drive 40 miles. I'm such a baby.

Franie said...