Monday, March 5, 2007

OPERA and other things!

well, the OPERA--Beauty and the Beast!! What is with people that they cant leave their cell phones at home or turn them off? Anyway, it was terrific. I am not an Opera person, but this one kept me interested. Kinda cute, funny, dramatic, - little bit of everything. Even the stage hands were decked out! It was a tremendous great idea that they had what they were singing, in print above the stage :o)). The twins enjoyed themselves and really didnt tire till near the end, and were probably asleep before I left the parking lot! I didnt enjoy the drive after I dropped Lizzie and the boys off at home--Javelina (wild pigs) were running out from the brush in two places along the drive home (11 miles). good thing I didnt hit one...I had to tell Lizzie no more late nights!HEHEHE Last time I was out & about that late was for a quilt class and I almost hit an elk along the drive home from the school in Show Low...but--the elk must have known because he certainly got across the street faster than the pigs did!!!!

These are the placemats i have been working on. The pattern is an idea I got from Lynette Jensens' dot to dot quilt pattern. I am in the process of making a table runner as well..the fabrics I used were from the 2007 charms paks - house and garden-warm and cozy color-way!! The backs are geometric green. and what a neat thing--these match the curtains I made last Fall that are in the living room and kitchen. And while I am at it--everything I have of hers matches from year to year...and the colors, well, those that know me well, know I am hooked!!

I am also crocheting squares for an afghan--more details and pics later on...and I am making a doily--it is /was to be a good sized doily, but I dont like the hearts, there are a ton of popcorns, and from row 22 to row 32, I about did my own thing! I am beginning the final 6 or 7 rows tonight while watching tv...

it has been windy as all get out--so we are already in red flag warnings for fire danger...should have known, it is dry beyond words--so, I only managed a walk of about 1 1/2 miles today...I havent been able to walk in the winds--so here's hoping tomorrow the winds are gone.



Susan said...

Wow, the red flag thing is scary, isn't it? What adventures in the country. How long do you think it will be before that's all gone and the wild animals are no bother at all? Hate to see it go.

Now I understand about the placemats. =)

Franie said...

Love those place mats--really cute. I need to do some for myself. When will I have time? I have a set of placemats crocheted that are favorites too.

Well they will put the wild little pigs on endangered list or some such--like they want to do here of over 2500 polar bears. I have never a polar bear in my life and doubt I ever will!

Elk go as far south as AZ?