Saturday, March 17, 2007


OH NO!!! HOT!!! HEAT---uncomfortable!! THE BUG is camping--and we bought a travel trailer (pop-up)--this will help to alleviate the heat problem!!! HOPEfully we can begin camping soon...

St Pat's day was terrific with family and friends and I am pooped...

I am about to complete a comfort afghan--all that is left is the outside border. The colors are terrific and it is edged in hunter green--still great for those chilly Spring nights!!!

I went to the quilt shop this am and helped out with the quilt shop's pajama party!! NOW, that was fun!!! ladies parading around in their jammies with their stuffed teddy bears, and there was goodies to eat and the first 30 received a free thimbleberries pattern..I got one of those and of course, some TB fabric so I could get my buck and because I helped out--got an extra buck to cash in at the end of the year :o) AND I had the opportinuty to meet a gal also in the guild, that loves Thimbleberries and believe it or not, she was MUCH more into it than me and has been since it came out...she doesnt remember when, but it didnt matter to me! :o) We will meet again on Monday morning and chat.. :o)) and maybe again on Tuesday if I still dont have jury duty :o))

Word is out, also, that another gal and I will be the guild coordinators for the charity aspects of the guild. I will know more about all that at the next meeting in about 2 weeks.

we have more flowers and the trees and vegetation about the desert is beginning to come out--I have not yet decided if this is good or bad---it depends on the allergy thing--so far, it is not affecting me so the growth and colors are terrific!...gonna run for now *~*CAROLE*~*


Franie said...

HOT? Really?
My friend who is there called me and told me she could not take the heat much longer in AZ and will be heading back soon to the Northwest and then to AK.
enjoy the camping--you can venture further north too you know!

Susan said...

What kind of trailer? Some of those pop-ups are very nice.

One thing I always like about cactus flowers is that they don't give me allergies. Wildflowers, of course, are another matter entirely!

val said...

Nice pics--where's the plates etc? Just kidding :-)))))))