Friday, March 9, 2007

rambling again

THIS is out Laci--all 7 pounds of her--she had a bath yesterday and now has a greenie in her mouth--aint she vicious looking? LOL we love her and spoil her and she is great fun to have around!

do we have elk? you bet--Lakeside Arizona is about 6900-7000 ft in elevation and Show Low is lower in elevation-there is an area that is up to 11,400 ft in elevation and they migrate all over that area..deer, too! and antelope! it is most wonderful to see them around..ya just dont wanna go hitting one...Yes, we are/were in a red flag warning...I dont know if that is still in affect, the winds are nothing compared to last week, still to warm to go out between 11 am and 5 pm. but that is ok. I am used to it and I still dont have t like it! :o)

we were going to go to Bisbee, but John is in early stages of sinus infection...and I aint going if'n he aint going--there is always next week (if i dont get jury duty) or the week if ya'll wanna chat and play---sok by me!!!! I will be on and off computer throughout the day! I will be binding my table runner to match the placemats @ my blog :o)

these are pics I took the other day--it looked much better and firey before i could get out there with the camera! We usually go hiking back along the rolling hills behind our place and Sunday, we are going way back in there along an old jeep trail...just to see where it leads...most of the time when I go for a walk, I stay within the development. This too, is a conservation area and trails all maintained and weave in and out of the desert areas...and we are not far away that we cant hike back into Sycamore canyon itself...We have seen one mule deer and lots of little ground squirrels along our walks--

now, i am going go get to sewing--I have that bug this morning!

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