Tuesday, March 6, 2007


WOW--just back from a 4.5 mile walk!! we left @ 9;30--it was 67 degrees--now--just after 11;00 and it is 76 degrees....I think Spring has Sprung! LOL it is supposed to be 81 today and in the 80's for the next 9 days...it was wonderful to hear all the birds chirping, to see the new growth on the vegetation and to be where the skies are clear! I think from here on out, when I walk, it will get to be earlier and earlier in the mornings--Laci will have to wait for me to cool down before she gets in her walk...toodles--Carole


Susan said...

And that means in another two weeks, summer will be here. LOL!

Franie said...

Where do you hike to Carole? Around the blocks or go to parks?

Can't prove it by me to have spring coming. Show me! LOL Daylight savings time is to start this weekend--yikes!