Sunday, October 28, 2007

one top today

I am doing tops for a friend that is quilting for me! I completed this one all day today-I love it! hehehe but I do have to send it back one day and i am not a purple person but it turned out great! Please notice the look I am getting! I put pup on the couch so she wouldnt run helter skelter on the top!
she didnt like it either but did great! above is Laci--VARMIT--see ripple afghan??? That is Missy guarding it! hehehe
I have two tops left.
I had done one but took it apart-it didnt come out right!

I have a blue and a green & purple to complete yet. Below is the flowers wall hanging--it is together and ready to quiltguess that is it for today--I should get off here and go and fix dinner--no more sewing today unless I feel like it later on...No shop hopping for me this year. Phyllis (local quilt shop owner) called and asked me to work the entire time--YEAH--money to spend for TB fabrics next year--She had two people call and bow out of helping. this means I wont be around much from the 7th to the 13th and maybe more..

ALSO--LOL--I won the BOM from the guild yesterday with another gal---too bad these are not red-white-blue--I would send them along to a friend...maybe I will just make a couple more blocks to make a bigger quilt and donate the am done till next time ---*~*CAROLE*~*


Franie said...

I love that purple one. If no one wants it I will take it! LOL It is very nice. And the flower one set on point is really cool too. Wow you are doing great things Carole! The blocks you won would look great with something mixed in for another block to get a good size quilt out of it. You amaze me as to how much you get done. Love the dogs too--they ae so cute.

QltnRobin said...

Hey I happen to recognize that purple one! You are doing a great job with the projects! Love that tb flower one too. Wow!
Have fun with working in the shop!


Charlene said...

You're getting it done, aren't you? Those shades of purple are lovely, and your blocks are so pretty. Your kids are really precious, too!

Candi said...

LOVE the purple one:) It's just awesome! Would be perfect in my bedroom:) tee hee