Tuesday, October 16, 2007

playing with Thimbleberries fabrics

Sunday most of the day was spent cutting out the 12 blocks from the 2003 club kit I bought in 04. Today I began putting those blocks together---this is what I have done so far....

this is quite a challenge--you can see when the blocks are side by side that there are designs within designs from block to block--yikes, and I was worried about it being appliqué????

I most certainly need to make sure I dont get the blocks mixed around! hehehehe I have already had to rip out two pieces I had assembled wrong! the block below is the TB club block for October, called Raspberry Swirl I enjoyed assembling this block. The two little blocks here--- are from the cover design from a Fons and Portermagazine from 06--I am also using tb fabrics for this wall hanging to match the 07 quilt! This is a darling little design that I will probably work up in 30's reproductions as it is on the cover--it is simply adorable! these blocks are not complete--there is much to be done yet--there are twelve blocks in the design--I may do 16---not sure yet! think I need another wip? *~*CAROLE*~*

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