Thursday, October 4, 2007

quilting, or playing!

This is the block I made for a TB (thimbleberries-for those that do not know) lottery draw at the end of this month! It actually wasnt too bad to make--it is called no name--LOL! I wouldnt know what to name it either!.

This block is for a season to season crazy block, kinda swap. the owner of the block embellishes half and there is a hostess that sends the block to a partner to be completed and then I will get the block back...I chose simple because i dont care to decorate for Christmas (it is the kids' turn) but I do decorate for winter, and, after all, that season is 3 months long! (as are the others) so I really dont do themes, so to speak. I do, however, love Fall and I use earthtones year round! Some of those are kinda Wintery looking, too! This challenge should be interesting! hehehehe

Also, worked on a bit of one border for the Thimbleberry club...I love the checkerboard, not sure i will use it in the same manner as the instructions---That dear folks, is my rebellious attitude...I never do completely in the same manner as instructions might state..That is too rigid for me! hehehehe and I will talk more about that a little later on! LOL

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Gerry said...

This is really a nice block for a "Winter" theme. Can hardly wait to see what you do with your 1/2.