Thursday, October 18, 2007


yep--more Thimbleberries squares...the top is from the 2003 club-there are twelve blocks in this series and it is called lazy crazy quilt--this is very intriguing. there are designs within designs, that go from block to block which will show up when completed. I have 3 more blocks to go--which will probably be done on Saturday.

This is screaming at me to be hand stitched/quilted and i intend to use embellishments and seam treatments, etc,etc..may as well crazy quilt it! This is an incredibly busy quilt., so will consider stitching that will stand above the rest of the quilt--thoughts and ideas welcome! ((~.~))

the picture below are 3 more blocks for a wall hanging that i am making to go with the 2007 quilt I am making in the club. Thimbleberries blends together year to year, so it would actually look great anywhere i put it in the house ((~.~))

tomorrow is sew day for charity in town. I missed the last one as i had gone up to Colorado. Lots of catching up to do with the group but it will be lots of fun--I am baking cookies in the am and then I am off and playing! more, probably Saturday! *~*CAROLE*~*


Jane said...

I am loving looking at all the Thimbleberry you have going on. Is this for your bedroom or is there another recipient of these beauties??

Susan said...

Great TB blocks. What fun - you are going back in time. I guess you really like Thimbleberries!