Sunday, October 21, 2007

more TB and playing

I completed all the blocks today--i didnt discover a boo boo till I laid out the last 3 to take a picture---can you find the mistake??? Look at the pic of the 3 blocks--remember -I mentioned that the blocks fit together in ways I never thought but that they had to match up from block to block???
my flower blocks are coming along also! I have almost ten done as you can see.......below are pics of the curtains I made a little bit ago

you can see in the picture, my flowers project and my ripple afghan in progress......I hvent touched the ripple afghan in a couple days--but I will get it of these days--i am happiest with lots of different things to do...I do finish a lot --believe it or not! LOLOL

these pics below are of a cathedral windows something or other which is also a works in progress--I say that lightly because right now it looks great a a runner! LOL--I may start another or make this bigger, havent decided yet!
I met a woman in a class I took when I lived in Lakeside--she showed me how to do this and when i got home, I went to playing so i wouldnt forget. I am working it all by hand--and of course, I have since learned an easier way by machine! now isnt that just the way it goes? *~*CAROLE*~*

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Jane said...

I am guessing that it may be a triangular point needed to create the star? That should be an easy fix for you Wippy, if that is what it is LOL... Don't keep me in suspense. And please don't buy that sewing machine off Ebay either Big LOL! It would not go with your beautious curtains.. Good job with those!