Friday, July 6, 2007

Taking A Break and catching up

Where has the time gone? and the somewhat cooler temperatures? and my brain? and my sanity? ok--dont answer the last two. The temps have been over a 100 since I couldnt tell you when and today the humidity is two digit--now that is promising! LOL... we are due rain today--I hope!

this is a baby afghan I completed several weeks ago. I am already making another as Joseph will be out of this one before too long! The next one will also be the baby mint green, as that is Mom's favorite color and the baby wont mind so long as he is comfortable. I would believe his room is chilly at nite so he loves his blankie! I am also participating in a crochet a long --a most lovely doily.....and I am designing a baby afghan, and making a doily for sale as a gift. I am also crocheting lots and lots of motifs in all sorts of colors and designs for embellishing the crazy quilting projects I am making. I have the most fun with this as I have instant gratification and they are quick to complete! hehehehe....I use all sorts of designs including fridgie patterns, but in most cases, I simply pick up my hook and get to playing! These are my most favorite and I need to write them out! LOL.. but, I dont enthusiasm is all but gone, but I do have enough that when it is the hottest in the day, I stay on the couch under the fan and air vent!!!

I am going to have a charity sew day with the Valley Quilt Guild in a couple weeks, and I have been busy organizing and setting up a sew day which was a great success and now finishing up the major stuff so all we need to do is play and have lunch and then sew more! LOL--I love this time of friendship and getting to meet folks, and hanging out with those I already know! I have a quilt club meeting coming up a week from tomorrow and i have several sew and tell projects--This is the thimbleberries club and it is fun and well, there are lots of new fabrics out in this line and well, you know what it does to me! hehehehehe the gotta have's take complete control and I am on another planet! HOWEVER, I must tell you that that has taken second stage because I have discovered that i am really enjoying Crazy Quilting! I have gotten Carole Samples Book and Templates and I am having a lot of fun with those, I search for buttons, beads which used to be a firm NO for me--now I will be incorporating that into crochet as well, and ribbons, fancy fabrics, etc, etc.....I am about to finish my needle book--one more pocket to go, attach pages, sandwich, bind, etc,etc--sounds like a lot but ti doesnt look like a lot so I am ok! hehehehehe

Had the families of al the grandkids over on the 4th for late lunch/dinner of croissant sandwiches, salads, pies, fruit, drinks, etc, etc--then it was into the neighbors pool, then out to see what fireworks we could from out here and we were not disappointed! We actually got to see more than we thought we would.

that is it for now--I am playing at the machine finishing up a sew and tell project, and the needlebook. *~*CAROLE*~*

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Susan said...

Well, you busy bee, you! Sounds like you are having more than the legal limit of fun. =) So when will you snap some pics of those crocheted motifs you have done for CQ?

And where are the new baby pictures?