Thursday, July 19, 2007

Charity Sewing

In our Quilt guild, I am the spokesperson and we are haivng a big sew day on the 27th....I have been going through all the fabrics that were donated before i took over and I cant seem to stop playing. I was already reprimanded to let others do some playing so I have had to back off but not before finishing these 3 tops just this past Monday! hehehehehe I have also been doing a lot of cutting and getting ready!

Thnak goodness, I received two round robin cq blocks in the mail or i might just still be putting tops together! *~*CAROLE*~*


Franie said...

I admire you for doing this. it is fun to do this with others isn't it?

Susan said...

I can't believe anyone would reprimand you for doing as much as possible! They've had this stuff and no one played with it, so they ought to let you run with it - the point is to get the most tops you can, right?