Wednesday, July 11, 2007


this is simply replies to comments! hehehe I will make the pillow top bigger when I am done embellishing--dont ask when that may be! once i get going with crazy quilting, i cannot seem to stop! I might just add a broder and embellish that and or maybe ruffle, not sure yet-- the pillow top is actually for the living room--I have thimbleberries fabrics in there already--I just noticed that it sorta does match the quilt underneath it! That escaped me till now....the fabrics are from Walmart and JoAnn's and that is my very first completed quilt---the fabric in the pillow top are thimbleberries--I fell in love with these and now participate in the 2007 is much fun! Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments--*~*CAROLE*~*

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Susan said...

So where's my updated picture of the pillow work you've been doing? =)