Saturday, July 7, 2007


These are items I completed the past two days. MY NEEDLEBOOK is complete. hehehehe It is a cq- item my second completed cq- project! I saw one at another get-together and I made mine from what i remembered the other one to look like , except that I added the tiny pocket in the left inside is entirely hand-pieced and embellished.

Now, I can be somewhat organized when I take cq-ing on a camping trip. ...

This is my camping shirt for the chilly nights---hehehehehe--we expect a few of those when we go to the White Mountains of Ariz in August...

One of the projects in the TB quilt club was a *duffle bag/gift bag thingie--while I was reorganizing in preparation for step daughter to move in, I found some bag handles and I decided that the bag needed handles.
I am going to make a matching accessory case :o)))) this took me all of about and hour to make, till I got to decided how and where to do the pocket

I have two more sets of handles, so guess what I will be doing? hehehehehehehe I am delighted with the was this turned out!!!!
I dont think I will get anything else posted today---we are due thunderstorms---- rain would be nice of course, but i dont like getting bumped off the computer for lightening!! it may as well rain!!!! nothing worse than dry thunderstorms this time of year

well, signing off the blog for now-- *~*CAROLE*~*


Gail said...

Love how your needle case came out, it is so pretty and all in greens, did you make the butterfly motif?
Your shirt looks comfy and warm, it will be fun to wear and that bag will be handy for sure. Good work girlfriend.

Franie said...

I am ditto-ing everything Gail said. Nice job(s) Carole. I like that bag especially. The shirt looks wonderful and comfy.

deborah H said...

Enjoyed looking at the pics of your recent endeavours. You have been really busy, no wonder you wanted to show your stuff off. I love your needlebook cover and your shirt - you're going to be "snug as a bug in a rug" in that!