Thursday, February 5, 2009


I travel along the same route each day I go to work at the quilt shop--or to Green Valley to club meets or play or shop, etc...along the way one morning in Jan, I noticed a hawk on the same pole, at the same time of day. Now in Feb, I see him there on a pretty regular basis. Today, having not been that way for two days, I decided to grab camera and see if he would be on his perch. Sure enough, there he was, so I pulled off the road and began snapping pics...He wasnt even phased by my approaching. I took some pics from a distance, got in car and pulled up closer. Not wanting to push my luck and have him fly away, I inched up even closer and decided that this may be as close as I could get. LOL--I may even try to get closer tomorrow! Really a magnificent bird of prey, I am certain he was waiting for some roadkill breakfast! I would not be providing that for him if I could help it!


Anonymous said...

Cool pics. Too bad you don't have a lens that gets closer, but how nice that you get to see him almost daily!

Franie said...

Some kind of error on my first comment. Gonna try again.

The hawk looks so stately. Watch out for your little dogs.

Red polls, wrens and sparrows are back at my feeder--hope that means spring is not far behind.