Sunday, February 1, 2009

Judy's B.O.M. # 11

Here is that long awaited for block # 11 -- It was a lot easier to put together than it looked to me at first! block 12 will be released on or about the 15th....looking forward to that one now!

I know folks are watching *the big game* right now and that is fact, my DH just tuned in, too! but that wont last long, either team could win and we would be happy.

I used today to catch up on other *single* blocks for swaps, b.o.m.'s, hearts for friends, am going back to my machine..more pics soon..


Margo said...

Good Job....I have yet to touch mine...but will get it in a couple of days....glad we are nearing the will be nice to see them done.

Marilyn said...

Got mine done today. Seems like we all have other things vying for our attention. We should have an online party when they are all assembled.

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job of sticking to this! You'll soon have another top to quilt!

Dot in beautiful NE GA said...

Love your colors. Great job.