Saturday, February 7, 2009


made two cq blocks this am..I will be participating in a private with a gal that
is new to crazy I put these together..I havent done much cq until
lately and decided that I needed to do more...especially since I will be
participating in the CQ bee that has begun within our guild!

Today, I have
gotten to the border of quilt two of three for grandsons. # 3 is going to be a bit
smaller and not needed till June so I can relax with that one. The twins will
be 8 on the 24th...

Also today, I will be making sure I am all caught up
on B.O.M., lotteries, and I hope to finish my crocheted runner.

Due storm
tonight, so that should keep me in and catching up! I really wanna cut out
another top! hehehehe


Anonymous said...

Those blocks will be fun to do. Sounds like you have a full day planned!

Lori said...

Your CQ blocks are lovely! can't wait to see your stitches on them!