Friday, May 30, 2008

THIMBLEBERRIES catch up and Girls

here are the girls --they were groomed on Wednesday. they are all rough and tumbled from being outside. They weigh 8 lbs each. Missy is the closest, 100% Maltese and is one year--Laci is just over 3 years and probably 90% Maltese...she has poodle's legs and tail..LOL

The Thimbleberries block is a combination of April's work (the lattice part) and May's is the bear's paw...tiny pieces...sheesh....I think I would rather be working on my Dear Jane blocks for the small pieces! One block is for the big quilt to be completed as the months pass, the other is for the quarterly project and will be a runner soon as I can get my hands on the next fabric to be released for the club. I am almost done quilting the wall hanging and getting that bound and up! I am in the process of binding a quilt that was recently quilting after waiting about 7 months in my PTF (project to finish) pile! hehehehehe I better get back to it or I my get side-tracked again. more soon

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Jane said...

Hi Carole, Aaawww! They are sooo cutie! I love the Bear Paw blocks. I know they take lots of 1/2 square triangles but the effect of all those little claws is worth it, eh?? How's the heat, bearable I hope... Have a good weekend!