Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amer Hero tops update

here is an update of the top I was working today while the girls are getting groomed! :o)
the girls will certainly be cooler when all is done pics soon


Jane said...

Hi ya Carole... Wow, these tops you're doing for AmHero are great! Lucky you to get the "goils" done up today. I have had to resort to doing my own grooming up here. I'm getting better but would still love to find someone to make my"family" fluffy and pretty!! Stay out of the heat and how do you keep yourself from doing house work. The guilt kills me! Jane
PS.. Is that Robin from CQN who is coming to see you ??

val said...

Hi It,s me got another book out a revised "One Touch From the Maker" and there will be a readable e version soon. YIPPEE P.S I got paid for this one too :-)))) Not able to retire yet :-(

Candi said...

Hey Girl, at the rate you're going, you're giving "busy" a whole new meaning! Your quilt tops are just great!!! They're going to be so welcomed.