Wednesday, May 28, 2008


these blocks were made by Robin
this is a piece of fabric that can be used as is for a top-donated to me
these blocks were made by Robin
as were these blocks!
I am assembling scraps and blocks from Robin and using scraps from my stash as well, this is just the center--I hope to complete this today.. not sure what I will do for the rest, will just wait and see what unfolds.

I am also crocheting my second doily and am to round 37 and tweaking my recent design with the help of a a friend who has already completed testing my design...I could see the smoke from her hook all the way down here--she lives in Oregon! LOL--pictures soon--my second one is in a country rose color and you can see partial several posts below. Gonna be a scorcher today so I may not even venture outside except to water the gardens that are not on auto-drip. I also will be playing with the Thimbleberries club stuff cleaning..I dont have time for that today! LOL

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