Saturday, May 10, 2008


I DID IT!!! the doily I began on December 8, 2007 is now done as of last night! It is being blocked right now, tho I am certain it will be dry in about a half an hour (outside) and I can get a real picture. This is all you get to see right now! There is a reason that you cant see it in all it's glory (yet) . This is my very first doily design, and will be entered into a contest. I tweaked it to 20 inches :o) . WHEW I am glad it is finished! hehehehe It is going in the mail on Monday and will be back to me in July or August. wish me luck! :o))

I have been working on my log cabin, and have been working on this top for a charity quilt. They were not kidding when they said not two people make the same size block! Actually, mine are--LOL and another's was right on the money as well, but you can see where I had to fudge the strips and I managed to square it up from corner to corner and the sides and believe it or not--it is good! hehehe
there are two pics because I couldnt get the color right...the background is all Thimbleberries creams with various shades/colors in there. The two Tudor roses I made..the block was a paper pieced block but I assembled it using the tradition method and the measurements were not correct and I wound up with rectangles in the middle but those blocks squared up to 12 1/2 so I dont care! LOL..4 blocks out of the 15 measured to 12 1/2. so--I just assembled -trimmed where necessary and now it is ready for outer borders. These were a project from November! yeah, I know--I am catching up tho! hehehe I have other projects I am anxious to get stared on!

John has been busy in the back yard, making a greenhouse. So far, we have tomatoes, corn, swiss chard, carrots, onions, and 7 spices. He will be off from work in June and July. OH NO! hehehe.

Happy Mother's Day !!


Candi said...

Carole, I love your doily!! I can't wait to see it off the blocking block..and your quilt is just beautiful! You do such lovely work girl:)
Lots of HUGZ:)

Franie said...

Oh Carole, awesome doily. I hope you get top awards on your doily. And your quilt is really just you! The colors are very calming too. Can't wait to see your log cabin too. I don't have the greenhouse fired up yet here. How big is your greenhouse that you can grow corn? Spices as in herbs? I love basil and thyme and always grow them in the greenhouse now.

Susan said...

The quilt looks good from here! I like the green to pull it together.