Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I rode my stationary bike for 30 minutes @ 11 miles an hour --LOL-- I baked a banana bread, made bread pudding, did the laundry and straightened up my Thimbleberries cabinet (under my cutting table) --the stuff strewn on top are fat quarters, will become fat quarters or squares and strips for future scrappy projects!! The lazy crazy stuff at the bottom is what is left of a kit I bought four years ago that is now awaiting quilting. It will be a hand-quilted project.

Last night I cut up fabric for a log cabin quilt--never made one and figured it was time I took the plunge--have wanted to for a long time. today I begin assembly of that. I am using fabrics from Judie Rothermel collection called Charleston and is a reproduction from 1850-1865--in pinks, greens and browns. (another step from the comfort zone is the pink! hehehehe) my projects other than quilting are a doily for a contest and 3-4 afghans --all my own designs... I just have to *get a move on it* hehehehehe I am home more now that I am not working at the shop till she needs me--the folks from the cold country have gone home so I will be home sewing more, crocheting more, and just relaxing and enjoying being home! That is all for now--have a need to sew! have a great day!!

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Jane said...

Hi Stranger!!!! Glad to see you are enjoying some "piece" and quiet. What a nice spot to store fabric and so neat...