Tuesday, March 25, 2008


the first quarter of the TB CLUB is over and I am working on that project as well as the *BIG QUILT* that will be assembled at the end of the year! here is what I have so far!!! I am working today but will play till it is time to go and hopefully finish the top ( 5 ft x 5ft) today.I am hoping to get it completed by the April meeting --we start another quarter and and another project as well.


Franie said...

Wow coming right along isn't it? I think that is the same one but not sure that a gal was working on at sewing yesterday--she owns a quilt shop and it is for display. She messed up something on it and was taking it apart. UGH Yours will be very pretty and so like you. WOW Carole, you have come a long way...

MoldyMuse said...

Hi Carole. :) You're quilting is really coming along! Lovely stuff.

I've been doing some "clean up" on my web site and found that you have a link to a page that isn't around any longer, so figured I'd drop you a note and let you know, but the email addy I have for you is dead ... so here I am. I rearranged the crochet stuff and put up some new patterns, so you might want to go to the home page (spatulagraphics.com) and click on the crochet button and look around.

I no longer belong to any crochet lists, so if you want to share the info on the new patterns and such, feel free to do so. :)

Take care.