Saturday, April 26, 2008

LAZY SATURDAY and hot and windy!!!

here are some pics of projects I am working on or have recently completed---Thimbleberries BOM for April and the April extra project for the club is the tote bag--NOW--I used CHENILLE IT blooming bias--what a neat item--sew it on, wash and dry and bingo-instant chenille--LOL--(the dark blue on the tote) ..I made a little pouch/bag for my cutter when I go to class, and the best is the wall hanging. This is the 2007-2008 challenge project for the guild. it is supposed to be *I remember when* wall-hanging and there are requirements, one of which is to work using techniques I hadnt used before, which I messed up a little on. (just the size) I did however, work some techniques--beading, paper-piecing, foundation piecing, appliqué and I will be adding more embellishments as I work on completing this by the end of May.

the chosen colors are respectively Green for Jacob and Blue for Jacob...This will be a birthday present for my daughter and her hubby. I also have another project going on--last Fall I participated in a choose your own theme swap on a cq-ing list-- my theme was sewing...anyhoo-I almost have my block done and will be making a wall organizer with those blocks...will take pics later on...I am making the finishing touches to my doily as well..we played in the garden this morning--not it is hot and windy and I dont wanna do anything but sit...soo-----gonna go sit!
enjoy your day

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Gerry said...

Oh my heck, check out that hair. How old were they when they had the afros?