Saturday, August 18, 2007

OH NO!!!!

This happened a few days ago--we talked to the home owner that lives just the other side of the metal fence.....seems lightening struck his fence and it bounced back to the cactus and destroyed it! This Cactus was several hundred years old and the folks (whose back yard it was just outside of) were the envy of the neighborhood. seems the bolt ran right up through it and all the way to the top which is hanging idly at the side about 6 ft down from the top. some of the arms are totally gone, laying on the ground around the base. I wish I had had the smarts to get a pic when it was beautiful! The owners now have to talk to the developer because it is kinda leaning directly towards the back yard and the back of the house..
.and they will have to get permits to bring it down as the Sahuaro is protected in our state. this is sad, too, because there are very few of these left in our area and certainly this one was the largest and oldest....destroyed in a split second by Mother Nature! *~*CAROLE*~*

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