Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Busy retired person that I am! LOL

let's see--since the last post--I have designed and written an afghan

and worked two others under contract. I conducted another charity sew and have participated in other activities as well, none of which involved house cleaning beyond what one might see when they came in! hehehehe--the most enjoyable event was buying and receiving the new sewing machine (A JANOME) and now thinking about all the new stuff i can learn including learning to do my own machine quilting!

some guild members and I took 30 quilts and 2 afghans to the woman that heads up the local safe house..YEAH!!! literally buried her in quilts---

it was great fun!

cant wait to do that again! now I feel like I am accomplishing something with the charty apsects of the guild!

Missy and Laci are doing great! they are getting along much better now! Laci still and always will, rule the roost! and that is ok--she is Mom's girl--and Missy is dad's girl and you can tell here---LOL--that is is for now--i gotta go for now--playing to be done!



val said...

I just LOVE my quilt

Susan said...

Great quilts - what a lovely lot to deliver! You've been busy.